Friday, March 19, 2021

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Scrapbook Expo Ramblings

So I just wanted to share a little about my visit to Scrapbook Expo. First off, I was thrilled to have my hubby go with me this time. It was so much fun to hang out with him and share the experience. Scrapbook Expo is held at one of the most gorgeous Hotel Resorts in our area. Gaylord Texas. I cannot say enough good things about this Hotel. Its like a small city under a roof. Wonderful Service Staff, Yummy Restaurants, Fun Shopping, and of course Scrapbook Expo. Now its a pricy place to go, so you have to save up and take plenty of cash, but its worth every penny. I wish I could have taken advantage of their Spa. That is the one thing I would love to do if I ever go with my Hubby again. Anyways, Scrapbook Expo was a lot of fun. I tried really hard not to go crazy and buy everything I saw this time. I learned you can have just as much fun looking at everything, as you can buying everything. I actually spent only half as much this time as I did last time. Things I got this time were

From my favorite booth Heartfelt Creations

Prills, Clear Cardstock, and 9 of their Paper Pads. They have the most gorgeous paper in the History of EVER.

My next favorite place was, and not second, but same favorite, is Craft Fantastic. I love this booth. For one, it has two of my most favorite ladies working in it. For two, its just awesome jewelry making supplies. Here are a few things I have made recently. Just gorgeous!!!

Of Course I went to Stampin Up booth and the T-Shirt booth. I bought myself 4 t-shirts this time. Then I dropped a few 20's at the Sparkle N Sprinkle Booth. I got myself some nice shiny glitter. Every girl needs Sparkle in their life and I also purchased this cute little camper stamp. I am crazy for vintage campers. 

Then from there I just went in and out and buying things like adhesive, dove blending pen. I was sad that Tim Holtz was not there, but good news, he will be at the next one in June. I have already made reservations for June Scrapbook Convention. It is my MOST favorite Convention because of Tim Holtz. 
Last, but certainly not least....My husband bought me my very first Designer piece. Not that I am really into designer pieces, but I do love Vera Bradley, and do plan to buy more of her bags and purses.  I was told there is a Vera Bradley Outlet really close to home :) 
To I guess thats it for now. Keep a look out for new items coming soon to Paint'd Pretties.