Sunday, January 24, 2016

Homemade Sponge Ink Daubers

There are many things I use when stamping, and for the most part everything is fairly inexpensive. Exception to this would be sponge ink daubers. They are those tiny little plastic tubes with a sponge on the end.

I go through these like crazy and they usually cost around 1.00 each. CRAZY EXPENSIVE!!! And the worst part is that you cannot reuse them once the sponge wears down. It takes no time to use one up. So getting online to find a DIY Sponge dauber, I ran into many ideas. This one I loved the sound of best. It only takes 3 things and the cost the first time you make them is about .25 cents. After that, the only cost you have is to buy more makeup sponges and for 5.00 at Walmart, you can get 100. That brings your cost to about .20 each. Way better than 1.00 each. So here is what you need

Makeup Sponges, PVC tubing, and a PVC cutter
As you can see, I purchased 2 sizes of the tubing to see which one I like best. Both are 1/2 inch but one is for regular water and the other is for hot water. The one for hot water is smaller. I am not able to tell you that yet which one I like best, because I have not had a chance to try them. However, just looking at them, I can see where I might like both for different purposes. 

So all you do is cut your tubing to the size you want your daubers. I used the store bought one as my size example. Once Cut, you just push in your sponge with end of a pencil, and you have your dauber. On the larger tubing, I put in a whole triangle sponge, but in smaller tubing, I cut the triangle in half width wise. So this is what I ended up with. 

I really am excited to try these. I will let you know in a later post how I feel about them. Fingers crossed they work!!! 
For now, Happy Stamping!!! 

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