Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hey Blog friends, I am back...I hope anyway. I am going to try to attempt to post on my blog more often. I have been missing it dearly. I sort of let Facebook be the place that I posted all of my daily musings, but I am slowly realizing that there are people on there that really do not care about my goings on. So I would like to get back to posting those things here on my blog. That way people can read them or not. At least I will be able to keep all my favorite things here for myself without disrupting others in the process. So my first post today is that I have been reading the book
The Muir House
I am embarrassed to say when I started this...so lets just say last year. It has been a very difficult book for me to read cause it is one that drags on and on trying to give you every detail of the Characters and their thoughts. I do appreciate this once it gets past this point because without it, I would be lost. But never the less it is sometimes hard to for me to get past. I have learned through my very little of experience in reading that some books just do not get better till you are halfway through the book. In the past that has been about Chapter 11 for me. As I passed Chapter 11, I was left to wonder why it was not getting better. To my surprise, I went to the index and realized that this book has 64 chapters. I nearly fainted. I had no idea since it was one I downloaded on to my Nook. I never thought to see how many chapters were in the book. If I had known in advance...I probably would have never picked this book to read. 64 chapters is a lot of chapters for me. This will for sure be the biggest book I have ever read. So now at chapter 35, I am finally seeing that this book is going to actually end very well and I should be finished with it in the next week. I know, for some of you...reading books is like a couple of days..For me..its normally a couple of weeks to a month. In this case..several months. So I will update you later on the book and my thoughts. I will also be posting in the days to come..some cards that I have made this past month.