Monday, June 06, 2011

Rock Harbor Series

Awwww, I just finished the last book of The Rock Harbor Series by Coleen Coble. I am so happy I could just cry...It was wonderful. One of those bittersweet happy endings. The entire series is really, really good. I only struggled with one book, but even it had a great ending. I totally recommend this series if you love reading Christian Fiction with a twist of Romance and Mystery!! ROCK HARBOR SERIES Start with book 1 and read straight threw. Your favorite will be Abomination. I can almost guarantee it!!! When you get to the last book, be sure to visit the website where she has a really great epilogue!!! Not sure what I will read now. I have a list of books I have picked out, but not sure where to go. I love Coleen's book and she has several other series. I might just have to start one of those.

I would like to introduce you to Penelope Ann!!! She is my newest creation. Yes I said "MY" newest creation. I created her without a pattern. The only problem is I did not make any pattern pieces of her and so she is a ONE OF A KIND Raggedy!!! I started her a while back and decided she needed to be finished. I am going to be starting one to donate to our local Quilt Guild Fall Fundraiser Auction next. So keep your eyes peeled for her debut in the next few weeks!!! She will be my best ever!!!

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