Monday, June 06, 2011

Rock Harbor Series

Awwww, I just finished the last book of The Rock Harbor Series by Coleen Coble. I am so happy I could just cry...It was wonderful. One of those bittersweet happy endings. The entire series is really, really good. I only struggled with one book, but even it had a great ending. I totally recommend this series if you love reading Christian Fiction with a twist of Romance and Mystery!! ROCK HARBOR SERIES Start with book 1 and read straight threw. Your favorite will be Abomination. I can almost guarantee it!!! When you get to the last book, be sure to visit the website where she has a really great epilogue!!! Not sure what I will read now. I have a list of books I have picked out, but not sure where to go. I love Coleen's book and she has several other series. I might just have to start one of those.

I would like to introduce you to Penelope Ann!!! She is my newest creation. Yes I said "MY" newest creation. I created her without a pattern. The only problem is I did not make any pattern pieces of her and so she is a ONE OF A KIND Raggedy!!! I started her a while back and decided she needed to be finished. I am going to be starting one to donate to our local Quilt Guild Fall Fundraiser Auction next. So keep your eyes peeled for her debut in the next few weeks!!! She will be my best ever!!!

Sunday, June 05, 2011

My Very, very Best Friend

A picture of me and my best friend at the Drive-In movie in Ennis, Texas. I was so thrilled to run into her there. She was hanging out with her brother Andy at the miniature golf course!!! I just had to get a picture of her and I together and of course with Andy. We had such a great time at the Drive-In. I wanted to take my daughter and let her see just what my husband and I did for entertainment as a young couple. You could always find us at the drive-in. I was a very sad person when the decided to close the one in the town we both grew up in. This particular drive-in is very much thriving and I am very jealous its not closer so we can go more often. Ennis is about 1 hour and 1/2 from our town so its not a really long ways, but just long enough that we cannot go often. On this particular night we saw the new Pirates movie and Thor. I would not recommend 3-d at the drive-in, but it was still greatness.

A few more pictures of our fun night at the Drive-In.

Well I know I have not blogged in a while and I apologize for that. I have just been so busy with my life!!! My husband and I just celebrated our 28th anniversary. Its hard to believe its been 28 years. It feels like yesterday. The great news, we are still very much in love with one another and he is my very, very best friend. Yes Annie is my best friend, but he is my very, very best friend. He also is the best gift giver. Most girls want jewelry for their Anniversary, but not me. I already have tons of jewelry. So when he ask me what I wanted, I said a Nook Color. I have in the past year taken up reading and have fell in love with the hobby. Its just such a easy relaxing hobby that requires little effort, but comes with a whole lot of benefit. I started out reading real books and although I feel like there is nothing better than the book itself, I was starting to see that it could be a problem with storage. So my friend recommended me to download the Nook application on my Iphone and see what I thought of reading using a E Reader application. So I did and even though the words were tiny, I loved it. I could lay in bed at night which is my favorite time to read and I did not disturb my husband sleeping with a light and I did not have to fight keeping a book light on. So for the past 6 months I have been reading and I am realizing I read much faster also. I am about to finish the Rock Harbor Series by Coleen Coble. I have read about 5 books on my Iphone Nook Application. So I think that is plenty of time now to know that I would actually get use out of the Nook Color. I felt good about asking for it for my Anniversary Gift. He was thrilled to be able to buy it for me as he really never knows what to buy even though I tell him a million things. LOL!!! So anyway, that has been my newest fun thing and I am loving it and I love him. Happy Anniversary to the greatest husband EVER!!! At least in my corner of the world anyway!!!
I am still busy on my diet. I loss a little and gain a little. Its a never ending process. Not sure if I mentioned I was going to Curves now in my previous post, but if not, I am. I am loving it very much. So much so, that I dream about working there. LOL!!! I know that sounds silly, but I just want to be there all the time. Its just a lot of fun for me. I can really tell that its making me much stronger and I can also tell that I am getting more firm. Not sure when I will loose weight, but I am good for now until its time. I am done worrying about it so much. I just continue to eat as healthy as possible and exercise. I am sure with time I will get the results I need. The main thing is that I feel great.
I joined my area Quilt Guild. I have been struggling with my husbands quilt and its been a slow process for me. I thought if I joined the Quilt Guild it would help encourage me to work on it. I just joined last month so I have not had a lot of time to see any improvements in the area. With trying to finish up school and husband being on vacation, I have not done much. But I am planning a few summer projects. I have started a Raggedy doll which will be holding a small quilt. I plan to make and donate her to the Quilt Guild Fundraising Auction in the fall. So that is first on my list and then I will start working on the quilt that I have struggled with for a while. I do love quilting, its just hard to make time for it. So hoping the summer will give me some time to really get it going. I would like to finish it for his birthday by Nov. Fingers crossed!!!