Thursday, May 12, 2011

10 Day Challenge Journal

This past Sunday May 8th, I gave myself a 10 day challenge. So today actually starts day 3 of the challenge. So far so good. I am really sore though. I think I am using every muscle in my body right now. So the challenge is.... I am doing 1200 calories and Curves and My Leslie Sansome 3 mile walking tape every day for the next 10 days. It sounds crazy, but I know its what its going to take to move the weight in the positive direction. I gained 10 pounds back from the HCG which was not unusual especially since the doctor put me on HRT (Hormone Replacement Therepy), but I worked hard to get to where I was and moving up 10 pounds did not make me a happy camper. So I got on internet and started reading about HRT and realized that if I did not do something, I would only gain more weight. It talked about lots of exercise and low calories and so that is what I decided to do. I joined Curves and got out my walking tapes and gave myself a challenge to get rid of the extra 10 pounds. I have been using My Fitness Pal app. on my phone to track all of my calories. I love this little application. It has become my best diet friend!!! Visit their website at My Fitness Pal So there ya go!!! Thats my reason for the crazy challenge. I think I like doing these mini challenges. I see light at the end of the tunnel this way. I can already feel results just in the 3 days. I do not feel as swollen. I am very sore though.
Ok, so below I decided to do a journal of my 10 days. I thought it would help me see progress and mistakes that I might can change from day to day. Also if anyone is following my blog and wants to do a simular challenge, they are able to see my progress and foods I eat. I would like to think I could be helpful to others by doing this. Its hard to do these things by yourself, but sometimes yourself is all you got!!! So with that said, Here is the start of my journal...Wish my luck!!!

I decided to journal my 10 days in case

someone wanted to follow along with me. You will see that I tend to eat a lot of

the same things, prepared almost the same way. Mostly cause its filling and easy

to fix in my electric skillet. I love mushrooms and eat them in almost every

thing just about. They are full of vitamin D and are a very good filler. I love

all veggies, but my favorite is broccoli. I try and eat it at least 3 or 4 times

a week. I try to get a balance of fiber, veggies, protein, good fats in every

meal. I do not eat a lot of fruit because of sugar. Mostly if I eat fruit it is

a apple here and there. Its really hard for me to get exact 1200 calories. I am

either under or over. I figure with all the exercise, a little over is better

than under. I am trying really hard this week to keep it as close to 1200 as

possible. So come back through out the week if you would like to follow along.

My 10 Day Challenge Journal

May 9, Day 1--

Breakfast...1/2 cup F Factor Skinnys-n-Fruit

cereal, 1/2 cup Private Select Organic 2 % Milk....Calories=130

Lunch.... 1 tortilla folded in half with

Spinach/Mushrooms sautéed in 1 tablespoon butter,1/8 Monterey Jack


Snack...1 serving Rice Chips...138

Dinner...Grilled Chicken Breast covered with

sautéed mushrooms, mozzarella cheese,1/2 tablespoon butter,dinner salad with

feta and light ranch....Calories 520

Snack...1/2 piece Kadie's birthday

cake..Calories 180

Total Calories for the day...1193


Curves..Approx. calorie burn...261

3 mile Walking Workout..Approx. calorie


May 10, Day 2--

Breakfast...1/2 cup F Factor Skinnys-n-Fruit

cereal, 1/2 cup Private Select Organic 2% milk, 2 boiled


Lunch...2 Cups of Broccoli, 2 Cups of Mushrooms

both sautéed in 1 tablespoon of Light Smart Balance Butter, 1/2 cup of Part Skim

Mozzarella cheese...Calories =290

Snack...1 1/2 serving of Rice


Dinner...1 cup Mushrooms, 2 cups Broccoli, 6 oz.

Grilled Chicken, stir fried in 2 tsp. sesame oil, 1 tbsp. smart balance light


Total Calories for the day...1204


Curves...Approx. calorie burn...239

3 Mile Walking Workout...Approx. calorie


May 11, Day 3-

Breakfast...1/2 cup F Factor Skinnys-n-Fruit

cereal, 1/2 cup Private Select Organic 2% milk

Lunch...1/2 of Southwest Chicken Fiesta Salad, 2 tb. Avocado Ranch Dressing...Calories.. 328

Snack...1/2 pancake, sugar-free syrup...Calories 164

Dinner...1/2 of Southwest Chicken Fiesta Salad, 2 tb. Avocado Ranch Dressing...Calories.. 328

Snack...Kudos bar...Calories..100

Snack...Rice Chips...Calories..165

Total Calories for the day...1215


Curves...Approx. calorie burn...254

3 Mile Walking Workout...Approx. calorie


Notes: Today I struggled. Maybe cause it was middle of week, but I wanted to eat bad, and I did not want to do the 3 mile walking. Doing the same tape day after day is very hard. I really wish Leslie had a TV show that I could watch daily. Anyways, I managed to hang in there. I turned her volume down and put in my own music and it was much better. I love her, but I have to admit it gets crazy to hear the same giggles and words every day. As for eating, I was craving something sweet all day. I ended up buying the Kudo's bars which was as close to a candy bar as I could get without all the calories. It was hard to just eat one though. They are really good. But I managed to hang in there. It was tough!!! Today marks 4 days of major exercise and 3 days of approx. 1200 calories. 7 days to go to complete my challenge!!! I can already see some results which is a very good thing!!! Thank you God for showing me positive results. With you by my side, I can do anything!!!