Monday, April 25, 2011

Time to get serious

Last week I got started!!! Lots of random thoughts running through my head, so this might sound a little mixed up and it could change daily, but for now I am thinking that This week I am getting serious!!! I have 4 weeks to drop 10 pounds. Ok, so there is no reason, I just gave myself that goal because this is the amount of weight I gained in the last 2 months. Also I am a short term goal setter, as I like to see the end of the tunnel. Another reason is that Curves is month to month and so I might as well set myself a goal each month. This month hoping for 10 pounds. So with that said, I am going to go ahead and make the commitment to join Curves today. I want all the benefits you get as a member and I want to wrap my head around the idea that this is my new way of living for at least the next year if not the rest of my life and I need to go ahead and get started today!! Put the plan into motion!!! I already know I like it, I already know its going to be good for me, I already know I need it, so why wait any longer!!! I know that 10 pounds is a lot to expect, but if I expect big, maybe I will loose big. I figure I will loose a little water weight, and hopefully about 5 pounds of fat weight!!! I want to try and at least loose 2 pounds a week, which I think for me is a healthy weight loss. Of course I will take whatever my body is willing to let go of. Next month I will reset my goals. Ok, so all this said, it could change once I get to Curves. They may have a different idea of what is expected or excepted!!! This is just my own personal goals. No matter what they set my goals at, I will strive to beat them!!! I do love a good challenge!!!

Thought I would share my favorite breakfast. You could actually have this for a lunch meal also!!! You can prepare it ahead of time and put in frig and then just microwave. I like to start the day with something yummy and hardy that will get my metabolism kicking in the right direction and keep me satisfied longer. I am only doing 1200 calories right now, so there is not a lot of room for snacking. So I need to get the most out of my meals!!!

1 cup of pre steamed broccoli=15 calories (best buy is Sam's)

1/2 link of Gourmet Sausage = 50 calories Beeman Old World Gourmet Sausage Smoked Mozzarella W/artichoke & Garlic (only place I found it was Kroger)

1 slice of Vermont Chedder=55 calories (Kroger Deli)

1 egg=70 calories

1 La Tortilla Factory tortilla=50 calories (Kroger deli)

Put all food in a organic sprayed or pam sprayed skillet ( I use a little electric skillet)

Cook till everything is sauteed!!! Heat tortilla on both sides. I like mine a little crispy so I put it in the skillet also!! Put tortilla in a bowl and put mixture on top and eatum up!!! It really is yummy and very filling!!!

Total Calories=240

Total Fat=14 grams

Total Net Carbs=6 grams

Total Fiber=8 grams

I will share some more things I eat as I go!!!

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