Wednesday, February 02, 2011

HCG and Valentine

Very excited to tell you that I have started back on my HCG. Day 3 of 23 days!!! This time I am using this eating plan. HCG Ultra Pro It gives me a few more food options and I get to have some breakfast. I have not ever used the drops from this site, as I get my drops from my doctor, but they might be a good one to try. The info on the site seems very informative and well researched. Anyways, I am doing great so far. I have had a few sweet cravings, but that is to be expected. It takes probably a week to get those out of your system. I just drink my 25 calorie hot chocolate and that seems to help a lot. Looking forward to seeing the end results. Last time was not as great, but then I tried to do it during the holidays, and so what did I really expect. I am glad however, that I did not gain any of my weight back from the first 23 days. So if anything, it helped me from putting on any extra weight during the holiday season. Now I will just pretend that I have not done this 3 times, and that this is only my 2nd time, and keep moving forward. I really do hope to loose another 20 pounds this time. I realize it will be harder as I go, and my loss will not be as great each time, but I am good knowing that any loss is better than no loss. It seems each round lowers my blood sugar by 3 or 4 points. So that is really great. I just would like to get my blood sugar back to normal range, and keep it there. It really takes a lot of focus, effort, and discipline though. I have figured out that the hard part is not loosing the weight, but keeping the weight off. It tends to want to sneak back on after a while. So I am ok with the fact that for the rest of my life I will always be having to watch what and how much I eat. Its a lifestyle change. Keep me in your prayers cause its a bumpy road at times!!!

Yesterday and today we are pretty much home bound because of cold and icy roads. So I have been working on my Valentine swap cards. It was hard deciding what I wanted to do cause my valentine rubber stamp collection is so limited. Just have not felt like spending money on more stamps. So after scanning some of my favorite blogs, I decided to give the Digi Stamps a try. They are much cheaper to purchase and there are lots online for free. I just went to google and typed in free digi valentine stamps and then clicked the images tab and all sorts of images popped up. So then I got went into my photo shop elements and played around with the images and figured out how to place them on my cards. Too much fun for sure!!! So then of course I had to go and search for more images and it started several days of image collecting. I think I collected every free image on the Internet. Then I ran upon this website Whimsy and Star Studio and she had some of the cutest digi stamps ever. The one I purchased was little Valentine Girl She is so adorable dressed in her little valentine suit and all the cute little hearts in her hair. Now you can see why I just had to make a purchase from her. After all it was only a few dollars, and now I can use the image as much as I want. Best part, I do not have to store rubber. Thank goodness right!!! My room runneth over already with stuff. Anything I can store on my hard drive is excellent, cause then I can take my stuff with me everywhere I go. So cool!!! Laptop, hard drive will travel. Ok, so then I had to choose a card idea. A while back I made the buckle card
that I found at Splitcoast Stampers This card is so much fun to make. I think it is probably my most favorite card technique!!! So with cool digi stamps and cool card technique, this is what I created...
The little Happy Valentine sentiment on the inside is just a valentine image I found on the internet. I loved that I was able to place it in the exact spot I needed it using my photo shop elements. Just so cool!!! I think I am now in love with digi stamping. Just one more aspect of digital that I love!!! If you live in Texas, stay warm!!! See ya soon!!!