Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!! Well almost. Only another week. Its so hard to believe its here already. I still have some shopping to do. Of course I am one of those few people that love, love to do last minute, get out in the hustle and bustle, sort of shopping. Its just more challenging that way and of course I love a good sale. So whats been going on....

I am about to end my second 23 days of HCG drops. Did not do as well on this round as I did the first round. My heart was just not in it. My husband started out doing it with me and I was really geared up in the beginning. But then about a week and half into it and 7 pounds down, he decided it was more than he could handle. He really got run down and feeling bad and had to stop and then he started eating everything in site. Well that sort of messed up my focus. I was nibbling here and there on things that were not on the diet, telling myself it was no big deal. Well it was a big deal as I stopped loosing the weight and actually gained 2 of the 7 pounds I had lost. Just really stinks, but then it is the holidays and I knew starting it at this time would make it hard. So with all that said, I am happy to have lost 5 more pounds bringing my total to 28 pounds. I was actually thinking I had lost more than that, but sitting here figuring, it is 28 pounds on HCG. But the really good news is that I went from a size 20w pants to a size 14 misses. Now that is impressive. I went into this cute little shop with a friend called Rue 21 and was able to wear pants that they carry. Junior size 15/16. Cutest little Cargo pants ever. I got a pair of Camo's and a pair of Black. Love, love them. Then went over to Target and that is where I discovered I can wear 14 misses. I was on top of the world. Its been 10 years since I was in a size 14. Now my new goal is to get into size 12. I was setting weight loss goals, but slowly learning that clothing size is easiest to achieve. Does it really matter how much I weigh. What matters is what size clothes I can wear. So size 12, here I come. I will start my 3rd round of HCG the end of January and I think I will be more prepared then. The holidays will be past me and of course everyone will be on diets. That always helps!!! So until then, I must maintain!!!! MAINTAIN!!!
So what else has been going on... Well I WAS working for a elderly couple since July. WAS the key word here. It WAS just too much for me. The lady WAS a very difficult person to work with. She really did not want my help even though she needed it. I guess she just was being stubborn about giving up her independence. I am sure it is very hard to allow others to help you, when you have spent your life helping others. Poor lady. Her husband WAS easy peasy. He WAS enjoying having someone help him for a change. Of course I think because he has been blind all of his life, he WAS use to others helping him. It WAS nothing new for him. Anyways, after trying and trying to please her, I decided to throw in the towel. I WAS starting to see it effecting not only me, but my Kadie girl. She WAS starting to feel a lot of stress going over to their house. Also I WAS not able to give her 100% of my attention when it come to her school work. The whole reason I started homeschooling her WAS so she could have 100% attention with her work. So with all that said, I quit. Not exactly the right way. I tried to give a notice, but each time I did, she would cry. I could not take her crying. So I had to wait until I was angry with her, which WAS almost every day, and just walk out. I knew it WAS going to have to end badly in order to leave, which saddens my heart. I would have liked to been able to remain on friendly terms and gone over from time to time to visit. Anyways, its all good now. I am back home where I belong and much more appreciative of my time. Now WAS is past tense where it belongs and IS is the new word. I IS very happy now. I do not have the extra spending money to buy all the fun things , but I IS ok with that. I have my time at home with my daughter and that IS enough for me. So what have I done with my time this past week....
I have been making some Christmas cards. I made some for a few friends, some for a card swap, and some to give away to our Church Card Ministry. Our church adopted 10 needy families this year in our community for Christmas and so my friend Dawn and I made cards to add to their Christmas baskets. It sure does feel good to be making cards for a purpose. I love doing the swaps with my friends, but most times the cards just sit in a box. Now they are being put to good use. It makes it that much more enjoyable. Here are pictures of my cards. I used the same idea with different stamps.

The other thing I have been busy doing is redoing my daughters room. It was only a few years ago that we did her room in the most adorable bright neon colors. Well, it did not take her long to get tired of the colors and I really could not argue with her cause I was sort of tired of them too. I am sure somewhere on my blog you can back track and find pictures. Anyways, so we have spent several months talking about the color cause I wanted it to be something that would last her a long time. We finally stumbled across our inspiration. I totally love Scentsy candles. While flipping through the catalog, I stumbled across this cute little warmer. I showed it to Kadie and she loved it. We knew we wanted brown, we just did not know what we wanted to go with the brown. This warmer was the perfect mix. So I ordered it and the new room was created!!! What a fun time we have had doing this together. Shopping for all the decorations, bedding, paint, ect... So much fun!!! Kadie was so good about picking out all of her stuff. The kid has an eye for color!!! Here are photos below of the almost finished room. We still have some things we want to get, but this is almost completed!!!

My little girls, Big Girl Room!!!

What are my plans to come....
I have 2 books to finish reading and will post my thoughts on those. I have a book to start reading for our January Book Club. More on that later. I plan to actually get out my scrapbook stuff and do a little page creating. I plan to work on my hubby's quilt I started back in the early summer. I have so many projects I want to complete. Most of all, I plan to enjoy the rest of my Christmas vacation and my time at home with my family. Check in soon for more fun things. Please leave me some love in the comment section below. I would love to know if I actually have anyone reading. Makes it seem worth posting if I know I have a few readers. Again Merry Christmas everyone!!!! LOVE AND HUGS!!!