Thursday, October 28, 2010

HCG, Books, Crochet, and Vanilla Creme Brulee. Life is Great!!!

Wow, I have so much to talk about and share that I really do not know where to begin. I hate when I go so long without posting to my blog, but at the same time I have just been crazy busy with no time to sit down and do it. First and foremost I must talk about HCG. It has been an amazing experience for me. I am down 24 pounds and am finally to the maintenance period. That is the 3 weeks before I start again. Normally this next 3 weeks would be about adding in all your favorite carbs ect... But since I plan to do the drops another 23 days, I will just keep eating the same with just more calories. I am eating around 1200 calories now and I have started interval walking. Its amazing at how many inches I am loosing. Way more inches than weight. I cannot wait for one to catch up with the other. Have a little saggy skin mostly under my arms, but for the most part everything is looking pretty good. I am just pleased as pie that I finally found something that works for me. I was just telling my DH today that this has been such a journey for me. I realized that all the failed diets have lead me to this diet. They have prepared me for this diet. Its a hard diet to follow and I know without all the other diets, I would not be able to do it. The yeast diet really was a lifesaver in preparing me for this diet. Anyways, all is going great and I cannot wait to start my next 23 days and see what happens. Oh and one word of advice. Do not do more than 23 days of the drops. I totally wasted my time. I lost the majority of my weight the first 23 days. I could have already started my second round by now. So just stick with 23 days and then off 6 weeks and then back on 23 days until you reach your goal. Good luck!!!
So I have been a card making Mama lately. I have so many new cards to share. We finally got our card ministry started at church and had our first weekend get together. There were about 7 of us and 4 of us were actually doing cards while the rest did their thing. Some did digital scrapbook, while others did paper. Some even spent some good quality time editing their photos. It was sort of do as you please weekend. The main objective was to get together for some fun times. This time we made Thanksgiving cards to give away with food baskets to needy families in our hometown. Between the 4 of us, we managed to gather up 32 cards to donate towards the baskets. Some of the cards I had already made from a previous swap and the rest we created over the weekend. I am just totally excited to finally be putting all these gathered supplies I have to good use. What a amazing blessing this is going to be for everyone involved.

So what else have I been up too lately.... Well I have been reading up a storm. I have finally finished enough books that I think I could call myself a book worm. Yes I have totally ignored my family to finish a book. LOL!!! Our church book club has really helped me achieve this new title. Books I have read since I last posted are
This book was AMAZING!!! It was a page turner. This one I did totally ignore my family. I could not stop reading it. We are going to read the entire series after the holidays and I cannot wait. Our next book for the month of November is also by this Author. It is called
I have not started it yet, but know its going to be another good one. My friend Dawn has finished it and she says its very good.
We just got through reading my favorite of all series books SisterChicks. I totally love these books. They are light hearted, easy to read, and usually have a really great message to share. I love that they are about friendships. Usually very rare and unusual friendships. I also love that they take you to different parts of the world. We have gone to Hawaii, Australia, Mexico, Finland, and now Netherlands. Every book describes the places in such detail. Robin does a excellent job of making you feel part of the journey. Will always be my favorite books. There are several other books that I am in the process of reading. Yes, I am reading more than one book. The one that I am reading right now in between all the book club books is

This book is a laugh out loud book. I have really enjoyed reading it. Its a little different than some of the other books I have read and I cannot wait to see how this book ends.

We read another book before the Abomination book and it was called
I did not finish this book yet. It just did not grab my attention as well as the others. I do plan though to finish reading it eventually. The reviews that the other ladies gave about the book made it sound worth reading. So I will go back to it and finish. Besides, I hate not finishing the books. Well that's it for book reading. On to the next subject.

Knitting and Crochet. I finally decided that Knitting is not my bag. I have tried and tried to get interested in it because I have so many friends who knit, but I just cannot get the whole concept. Yes I have started a scarf which is still sitting unfinished and this last week I tried to make a hat. Well after 6 trys and much frustration, I gave up. Its just not my thing. However, Crochet is definitely my thing. I have just taken off on Crochet. I just got done completing my 4 scarf which I gave to my friend Shirley. I did not get a picture of it, but it was beautiful colors of blues and greens. I have now started another one and this week, I completed the beanie hat to match. It is sooooo cute. I bought me this really neat little pom pom maker and put the cutest little pom pom on my hat.

I just love the colors that are in this hat. Reminds me of Christmas for some reason. I cannot wait to get the scarf finished and I cannot wait to have a cold day to wear them. This hat was so easy to make that I am making my friend a hat to go with her scarf. She has a much smaller head that I do, so lets hope it want be too big for her. I have not quite learned yet how to make them smaller or bigger. I just make the ones that say "One size fits all" You know how much truth that statement holds. Anyways, I think that is it for now. Looking forward to lots more fun things to blog. Oh one more thing, have you tried the new Quaker Vanilla Creme Brulee Rice Cakes. Just let me say "OH MY GOSH" They are my new favorite snack. There are several other flavors that I like in the True Delights. One being Pomegranate and Blackberry and the other Blueberry. But the Vanilla is my favorite. I have to be real careful or I will eat the entire bag without even realizing it.