Saturday, September 04, 2010

HCG Day 9 Random thoughts!!!

Just got done eating my beef Pattie and cabbage/asparagus stir fry. Yum, yum!!! Things are going great. I have lost almost 10 pounds my first week on the diet. Tomorrow will be 7 days since I started my 500 calories. Of course I know most of that is water weight, but I do believe at least a couple of that is actually fat as my clothes already fit looser and I was actually able to fit into size 14 pants that were stretchy and a junior 17 that was stretchy. So that is very cool. I cleaned out a few of my size 18 pants as I do not ever plan to wear that size ever again. I really want have a choice if I plan to control my blood sugar through diet and no medicine. I have come to appreciate the fact that I am forced to control my eating habits now and feel very lucky that this diet has been able to bring things back to normal. Today blood sugar was 101. My fasting has been running anywhere from 92 to 108 since I started and during the day in the lower 90's. The difference is my fasting was anywhere from 130 to 160 and my day time was running around 120 to 130. Big difference!!! So all is good in that area now. Doctor told me she thought this diet would work. She said if it did not work, then I was for sure going to have to go on medication. Thank God that it is working. I know that as long as I eat the good foods, I want never have a problem again. Also Thanking God that we have so many more tasty diet foods and ways of cooking than we use to have. I can remember in my younger years that dieting was awful. It was like you had to eat cardboard. Now there are so many great choices. So much easier. I realized the other day that all this dieting I have been doing in the past year has brought me to this point. I do not think I could do the 500 calories if I had not had the time of dieting that I have had. Back in July of last year, my doc, put me on a yeast diet. Oh my gosh it was hard. The first whole month I thought I was going to starve to death. After about a month though I adjusted the choices I had and stayed very true to it for about 6 months. I only lost about 7 pounds on it and that was sort of frustrating. Then I slowly started adding in some of the foods and slowly started gaining back the weight I had lost plus a few extra pounds. Talk about frustrating. So going back to doctor for help before it got out of hand and this is what she offered. She said I would not gain back weight on this diet and once my blood sugar normalized I would take the weight off quickly. Thanking God again for such a awesome doctor who cares!!!
So thinking about today, I was not near as hungry today than the previous days. I think my stomach is finally shrinking and its taking less and less to fill me up. I was told the first 2 weeks would be hardest and I am on day 7 of the 500 calories. So looking forward to loosing inches. I have seen so many cute clothes that I would love to purchase. Today trying on the 17 junior pants and being able to wear them was great. Thankful for spandex. A awesome discovery. They look tight on me, but very comfy as they have the 1% stretch to them. Makes sitting down very easy on the belly.
I am loving the fish, cabbage, salads, hamburger patties, steak, asparagus. I have been sauteing them in Pam in my skillet and seasoning with the Amino Acid and Mrs. Dash seasonings. I am loving all the flavors in that. Garlic and herb and Onion and Garlic are my favorites. So thankful this diet does not restrict salt. I would be in trouble. I love salt.
Well that's all I got today. I am making some cards and I will upload pictures as soon as I get them done. Have a great evening!!!

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