Friday, September 03, 2010

HCG Day 7 and 8

Well yesterday and today both are great days for blood sugar. Woke up and both days were 97 and 95. I am amazed, truly amazed and very excited. Why didn't my doctor get this idea a year ago??Well not going to dwell on the negative or the yesterdays, and Praise God for the results of today!!! Ok, sometimes I can do some really, really dumb things. On Wednesday night I started out with a great idea for dinner and ended up ruining the nutritional part of it. I took some cabbage, onions, and banana peppers and stir fried them with some shrimp. I was not able to use any oils cause in the past I usually add butter, but could not do that this time, so I was looking for my flavor with spices. I love the Mrs. Dash seasonings and probably if I had only used those I would have been fine, but I love to experiment, so I added in some chicken bullion powder. I only added a little bit. Well sitting down to eat it was like eating salt out of a salt shaker. It was very good, but it was very salty tasting. I should have thrown it out and started over, but hated to waste the shrimp. So I ate it all. Well yesterday morning I woke up and weighed and I had gained .2 pounds instead of lost. So that stunk. I know it does not seem like a lot to fuss about, but really I should have lost about 1.2 pounds. The meal caused a increase, rather than a decrease. So for dinner last night I used very little salt and today I lost 1.6 pounds. So glad to see that. So I lost a day, but learned a great lesson. Stick with Mrs. Dash only. She will not let me down.

I started a new crochet project. I am Crochet teacher for 7-12 grade at our Enrichment this year and so we are learning the very first steps. Chain stitch and single crochet. So last night I thought I better get out my needle and yarn and crochet an example of the stitches. Of course I am making a scarf. I guess we all have our favorite things we like to make. Some like to make Afghans, some socks, some hats. Well I like to make scarfs. For one they are very useful and hopefully we will be using them very soon. Second they are fast and easy to make, and third I feel a great since of accomplishment making them. So they are my favorite to crochet. The colors I have chosen for this one are so pretty. I bought a chunky yarn to try since it was only single crochet. I thought it would give it more thickness. I was right, it feels thick and cozy. Here is a picture of the start so you can see these gorgeous colors.

I absolutely love this yarn the second I saw it. I think the yarn with the mixed colors is my favorite of all. I love the idea of not having to change colors every time. Just a continuous flow of color!!! I am thinking I will make this scarf for my daughter. It is her favorite colors right now. Then again, I may have to make it for myself. LOL!!! I think it would look wonderful with something brown and denim!!!

Well that's all I got today. Need to get dressed!!! Hope you have a wonderful, awesome, fantastic Day!!!

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