Sunday, September 05, 2010

HCG Day 10

Today has been great. I have not had any hunger pains. Had some orange roughy and cabbage for lunch and then I ate some cabbage soup and this really great tasting snack made with cottage cheese and eaten with Melba rounds. My doctor shared this nifty little low calorie, low fat snack. Gave hubby a try and even he liked it. Now I have never been a cottage cheese eater. Some people eat it like there is no tomorrow and make you think its the best thing since the invention of ice cream. I have never got on that band wagon. So when my doctor gave me the recipe, I sort of lifted my brow up!!! Well today I decided to give it a try. After all, I have always taught my children to try stuff before Xing it out of their life. I was very surprised how yummy it actually taste. It was the perfect snack. Here is the recipe

2 oz. of lite cottage cheese
1 drop of vanilla
1 small shake of cinnamon
1 package of stevia ( I use truvia)

Mix together and then eat with a serving (4) Melba toast.

Total calories 90

The last few days I have gone over my 500 calories by 24. So I decided today to reconstruct my eating so that I would not go over. On this diet you must eat 400 calories and no more than 500. If you eat more than 500, you will either not loose any weight, or you may even gain weight. Well when waking up this morning, I did not loose any weight. So it could be that I went over. Today I backed off and ate some fish and cabbage which are lower in calories than beef. Tonight I am eating some shrimp. I think I will have much better results come tomorrow. Will keep you posted.

Here are the cards I have made recently.

These are the cards my friend Jimmie made. She came over yesterday and we had a fun time making our cards. I so enjoy time with my friends. I wish we could do it more often. These cards we made from our new card ministry at church. Its a great start to a great ministry!!!

Well that's all for today. More tomorrow!!!

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