Friday, September 17, 2010

HCG and Me

Today is day 22 of HCG. Tomorrow would mark the 23rd day when most people stop taking the HCG drops. It was the day I was suppose to stop also, but called my Doctor and ask if I could continue to the 40 day mark. I told her that I was doing so well, that I hated to stop right now. I have lost 16 pounds. I was really hoping for 20 pounds by this time, but my body is just not wanting to let go of the weight. It did not help that I have had a few days over my 500 calories. It seems on the day I eat beef, it always puts me over. Of course most of the calories are estimated to the high side and so I really am probably not eating that much over as I think. Also I had a late visitor (Aunt Flo) this past week right at the end when I should have been able to drop another 5 pounds. Instead I gained a pound during this time and held the same weight for 2 days. So that really slowed my progress. With all that, my first goal of getting under 200 pounds in 23 days was not met and so I want to continue on until I reach that goal. Hoping for another 15 pounds this next 18 days. That would put me way under the 200 pounds and then I could shoot for another goal when I do the second round sometime in November. I am totally loving the fact that I am shrinking all over. Not just in one area, but all over my body. Its not ugly shrinkage either. Its very firm shrinkage. So no saggy skin or anything that I can tell. I think I need to do some measurements and see how many inches I have lost with this 16 pounds. I will update that info on my next post.
I have made a few new cards that I will take pictures of. My girlfriends came over last weekend and we had some great card making fun. Also am reading a new book. The last one "Skid" I did not finish yet. Will have to pick it back up later to finish. We are reading "Abomination" by Colleen Coble. Only on chapter 3 and it is very good. Will let you know more about that later also.

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