Friday, September 17, 2010

HCG and Me

Today is day 22 of HCG. Tomorrow would mark the 23rd day when most people stop taking the HCG drops. It was the day I was suppose to stop also, but called my Doctor and ask if I could continue to the 40 day mark. I told her that I was doing so well, that I hated to stop right now. I have lost 16 pounds. I was really hoping for 20 pounds by this time, but my body is just not wanting to let go of the weight. It did not help that I have had a few days over my 500 calories. It seems on the day I eat beef, it always puts me over. Of course most of the calories are estimated to the high side and so I really am probably not eating that much over as I think. Also I had a late visitor (Aunt Flo) this past week right at the end when I should have been able to drop another 5 pounds. Instead I gained a pound during this time and held the same weight for 2 days. So that really slowed my progress. With all that, my first goal of getting under 200 pounds in 23 days was not met and so I want to continue on until I reach that goal. Hoping for another 15 pounds this next 18 days. That would put me way under the 200 pounds and then I could shoot for another goal when I do the second round sometime in November. I am totally loving the fact that I am shrinking all over. Not just in one area, but all over my body. Its not ugly shrinkage either. Its very firm shrinkage. So no saggy skin or anything that I can tell. I think I need to do some measurements and see how many inches I have lost with this 16 pounds. I will update that info on my next post.
I have made a few new cards that I will take pictures of. My girlfriends came over last weekend and we had some great card making fun. Also am reading a new book. The last one "Skid" I did not finish yet. Will have to pick it back up later to finish. We are reading "Abomination" by Colleen Coble. Only on chapter 3 and it is very good. Will let you know more about that later also.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

HCG Days 11,12, and 13

Just call me the Skinny Chick!! I mean you can at least practice calling me that cause I am on my way down baby!!! Total in the 13 days is 13 pounds. That is amazing. I say that cause last year I went on the Yeast Diet and was on it 6 months and only lost 7 pounds. It was crazy slow, restricting diet and of course I got very frustrated and disappointed and sort of got off of the diet over time. Of course I gained it back right away and all I did was add a few foods I was not use to eating. Talk about more frustration. So anyways, here I am 13 days and 13 pounds lighter. I am so psyched. I cannot wait to see more weight come off. Its been very tuff diet though. I am very hungry especially the last few days. I am not sure why. I am thinking I have just been burning too many calories on my job or something. Its like everything I eat feels like its being devoured before it hits my stomach. I eat and I never feel like I have eaten. I am just hoping that its my stomach still shrinking and pretty soon it will all stop. I have 13 more days to go on the low calorie part and then I can start adding back calories slowly. Counting down the days!!! I think if I could just eat a few more 100 calories, I would be good to go!!! Oh and let me mention, my blood sugar is still very low. Has stayed in the low to mid 90's all week. AWESOME!!! Check back for more updates!!!

Sunday, September 05, 2010

HCG Day 10

Today has been great. I have not had any hunger pains. Had some orange roughy and cabbage for lunch and then I ate some cabbage soup and this really great tasting snack made with cottage cheese and eaten with Melba rounds. My doctor shared this nifty little low calorie, low fat snack. Gave hubby a try and even he liked it. Now I have never been a cottage cheese eater. Some people eat it like there is no tomorrow and make you think its the best thing since the invention of ice cream. I have never got on that band wagon. So when my doctor gave me the recipe, I sort of lifted my brow up!!! Well today I decided to give it a try. After all, I have always taught my children to try stuff before Xing it out of their life. I was very surprised how yummy it actually taste. It was the perfect snack. Here is the recipe

2 oz. of lite cottage cheese
1 drop of vanilla
1 small shake of cinnamon
1 package of stevia ( I use truvia)

Mix together and then eat with a serving (4) Melba toast.

Total calories 90

The last few days I have gone over my 500 calories by 24. So I decided today to reconstruct my eating so that I would not go over. On this diet you must eat 400 calories and no more than 500. If you eat more than 500, you will either not loose any weight, or you may even gain weight. Well when waking up this morning, I did not loose any weight. So it could be that I went over. Today I backed off and ate some fish and cabbage which are lower in calories than beef. Tonight I am eating some shrimp. I think I will have much better results come tomorrow. Will keep you posted.

Here are the cards I have made recently.

These are the cards my friend Jimmie made. She came over yesterday and we had a fun time making our cards. I so enjoy time with my friends. I wish we could do it more often. These cards we made from our new card ministry at church. Its a great start to a great ministry!!!

Well that's all for today. More tomorrow!!!

Saturday, September 04, 2010

HCG Day 9 Random thoughts!!!

Just got done eating my beef Pattie and cabbage/asparagus stir fry. Yum, yum!!! Things are going great. I have lost almost 10 pounds my first week on the diet. Tomorrow will be 7 days since I started my 500 calories. Of course I know most of that is water weight, but I do believe at least a couple of that is actually fat as my clothes already fit looser and I was actually able to fit into size 14 pants that were stretchy and a junior 17 that was stretchy. So that is very cool. I cleaned out a few of my size 18 pants as I do not ever plan to wear that size ever again. I really want have a choice if I plan to control my blood sugar through diet and no medicine. I have come to appreciate the fact that I am forced to control my eating habits now and feel very lucky that this diet has been able to bring things back to normal. Today blood sugar was 101. My fasting has been running anywhere from 92 to 108 since I started and during the day in the lower 90's. The difference is my fasting was anywhere from 130 to 160 and my day time was running around 120 to 130. Big difference!!! So all is good in that area now. Doctor told me she thought this diet would work. She said if it did not work, then I was for sure going to have to go on medication. Thank God that it is working. I know that as long as I eat the good foods, I want never have a problem again. Also Thanking God that we have so many more tasty diet foods and ways of cooking than we use to have. I can remember in my younger years that dieting was awful. It was like you had to eat cardboard. Now there are so many great choices. So much easier. I realized the other day that all this dieting I have been doing in the past year has brought me to this point. I do not think I could do the 500 calories if I had not had the time of dieting that I have had. Back in July of last year, my doc, put me on a yeast diet. Oh my gosh it was hard. The first whole month I thought I was going to starve to death. After about a month though I adjusted the choices I had and stayed very true to it for about 6 months. I only lost about 7 pounds on it and that was sort of frustrating. Then I slowly started adding in some of the foods and slowly started gaining back the weight I had lost plus a few extra pounds. Talk about frustrating. So going back to doctor for help before it got out of hand and this is what she offered. She said I would not gain back weight on this diet and once my blood sugar normalized I would take the weight off quickly. Thanking God again for such a awesome doctor who cares!!!
So thinking about today, I was not near as hungry today than the previous days. I think my stomach is finally shrinking and its taking less and less to fill me up. I was told the first 2 weeks would be hardest and I am on day 7 of the 500 calories. So looking forward to loosing inches. I have seen so many cute clothes that I would love to purchase. Today trying on the 17 junior pants and being able to wear them was great. Thankful for spandex. A awesome discovery. They look tight on me, but very comfy as they have the 1% stretch to them. Makes sitting down very easy on the belly.
I am loving the fish, cabbage, salads, hamburger patties, steak, asparagus. I have been sauteing them in Pam in my skillet and seasoning with the Amino Acid and Mrs. Dash seasonings. I am loving all the flavors in that. Garlic and herb and Onion and Garlic are my favorites. So thankful this diet does not restrict salt. I would be in trouble. I love salt.
Well that's all I got today. I am making some cards and I will upload pictures as soon as I get them done. Have a great evening!!!

Friday, September 03, 2010

HCG Day 7 and 8

Well yesterday and today both are great days for blood sugar. Woke up and both days were 97 and 95. I am amazed, truly amazed and very excited. Why didn't my doctor get this idea a year ago??Well not going to dwell on the negative or the yesterdays, and Praise God for the results of today!!! Ok, sometimes I can do some really, really dumb things. On Wednesday night I started out with a great idea for dinner and ended up ruining the nutritional part of it. I took some cabbage, onions, and banana peppers and stir fried them with some shrimp. I was not able to use any oils cause in the past I usually add butter, but could not do that this time, so I was looking for my flavor with spices. I love the Mrs. Dash seasonings and probably if I had only used those I would have been fine, but I love to experiment, so I added in some chicken bullion powder. I only added a little bit. Well sitting down to eat it was like eating salt out of a salt shaker. It was very good, but it was very salty tasting. I should have thrown it out and started over, but hated to waste the shrimp. So I ate it all. Well yesterday morning I woke up and weighed and I had gained .2 pounds instead of lost. So that stunk. I know it does not seem like a lot to fuss about, but really I should have lost about 1.2 pounds. The meal caused a increase, rather than a decrease. So for dinner last night I used very little salt and today I lost 1.6 pounds. So glad to see that. So I lost a day, but learned a great lesson. Stick with Mrs. Dash only. She will not let me down.

I started a new crochet project. I am Crochet teacher for 7-12 grade at our Enrichment this year and so we are learning the very first steps. Chain stitch and single crochet. So last night I thought I better get out my needle and yarn and crochet an example of the stitches. Of course I am making a scarf. I guess we all have our favorite things we like to make. Some like to make Afghans, some socks, some hats. Well I like to make scarfs. For one they are very useful and hopefully we will be using them very soon. Second they are fast and easy to make, and third I feel a great since of accomplishment making them. So they are my favorite to crochet. The colors I have chosen for this one are so pretty. I bought a chunky yarn to try since it was only single crochet. I thought it would give it more thickness. I was right, it feels thick and cozy. Here is a picture of the start so you can see these gorgeous colors.

I absolutely love this yarn the second I saw it. I think the yarn with the mixed colors is my favorite of all. I love the idea of not having to change colors every time. Just a continuous flow of color!!! I am thinking I will make this scarf for my daughter. It is her favorite colors right now. Then again, I may have to make it for myself. LOL!!! I think it would look wonderful with something brown and denim!!!

Well that's all I got today. Need to get dressed!!! Hope you have a wonderful, awesome, fantastic Day!!!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Hey friends, thought I would start off with a self portrait of myself. I was up early this morning and I guess you could say I was a little bored. LOL!!!! Playing with the settings on my camera. I have had it for a few years now and still I do not know how to use anything else but the auto!!! I think this setting is actually called self portrait!!! I think it darkens everything but the subject. Wish it could darken some of the wrinkles on my face.

So Day 5 and 6 of my HCG diet has been much better. Not near as hungry and the amount I am eating is actually starting to fill me up and satisfy me. Its amazing at what 3.5 oz of fish looks like. I was thinking I could eat the whole fillet, but when I put it on the scale it weighed close to 9 oz. That's more than 2 days worth on this diet. Actually I went online and read about serving sizes and 3.5 oz is what we are suppose to eat all the time. I realize now that I have been eating way to much food at one sitting. No wonder I am over weight. It is teaching me that its not what you eat, but how much. Not sure how in the world to increase calories when the 23 days is up. I would almost have to be eating all the time to do it. Anyways, I have lost 7 pounds so far. I know that is water weight cause everyone has at least 10 pounds of water weight, and I have been peeing like there is no tomorrow. Almost every 30 minutes I have to go. So that tells me there is lots of fluid in my body. Still it feels good to see the scales move down rather than up like they usually do. The best part is that my blood sugar is still staying very low. If nothing else comes from this but that, I will be a super happy camper. That is my main concern with my health. Yes it would be nice to loose about 50 pounds, but not near as nice as my blood sugar staying low and stable. I will eat like this the rest of my life if that is what it takes.
Other goings on for this month besides my job.....
1. Starting school not this coming Monday since that is Labor Day, but the next Monday. We have sort of started already. Doing some Math review and started working on our History. We are doing a really great History Curriculum this year. It is called History of the World. This year we are doing Volume 2, Middle Ages. We are on Chapter 3 and it has been so interesting. I love the way it reads.
2. My friend Dawn and I are starting a Scrapbook/Card Ministry at our church. We are both so excited. We are having our first big get together with some of the other ladies on October 22-23. We have had sign ups last Sunday and this coming Sunday. So far we have about 7 ladies interested in coming. Hoping to get some of my other friends involved as well cause we are going to need a lot of help making cards. Everything we do at our church we do it with the attitude of "Going Big" We are going to make this ministry "BIG" It will be so much fun.
3. Book Club we are reading "Skid" by Rene Gutteridge. I have not really started it yet, so I got to get busy reading. I have to have it read by Sept. 12. I think I can get it read pretty quick. I am getting to be a much better reader these days. I can actually stay focused longer than 1 chapter. This book club has helped me so much with my reading.
4. Some other fun church activities we are starting are Family Game Night and a new Prayer class. This class will be teaching us purpose of prayer, different ways to pray and we will spend time praying for our Church, Pastor, World leaders, Missionaries, Our City, family, friends, ect.... Whatever is needing prayer. I am so looking forward to this class. I have always wanted to be better at praying.
5. Soon as we get a little cooler weather, we are planting grass in our yard. Right now we have dirt and its getting a little old to look at. So looking forward to greener yard!!!

Ok, so I am going to get off here and help my daughter with her history and then start reading my book. Have a blessed evening!!!