Monday, August 30, 2010

HCG Day 4

I have a huge Praise to share!!! I woke up this morning and my blood sugar was 92. I nearly started crying. It has not been that low since I started all this diet stuff back last year. I was able to go from over 300 to around 140, but I have not been able to get it any lower on a regular basis. Probably the lowest ever waking up was 115, but that was like once. 92 is actually a great reading. Just hoping it will be like that come morning. I am almost to scared to get excited!!! So day 4 was a little harder. I felt hungry most of the day. I am sure its just my body trying to adjust to the lower calories, but its very hard to ignore the hunger pains. I ended up almost going over my calorie limit. This afternoon before dinner I had only 111 calories left for dinner. Thankfully I had fish and fish was only 93 and salad is 17 so that put me right at 499 total calories for the day!!! Barely kept it under. On this diet if you eat more than 500 calories, you will actually gain weight. The reason being that the drops pull fat from the fat cells and feed your body the calories/energy it needs to get through the day. So in some cases depending on the person and how much fat they carry, this diet can pull up to 2500 calories of fat from the fat cells. With the calories you are eating which is 500, you are giving your body a lot of extra calories to maintain. It really is amazing how fast calories add up. I was shocked to know that I had already eaten nearly 400 calories with the little amount of food I had eaten. Know wonder everyone is so over weight. It truly is not what you eat, but how much you eat at one time. Have you ever actually ate 3.5 oz of fish before. That is the normal serving size of fish and NO ONE is suppose to eat more than that. I could really see how much money we could save if we followed the serving size recommendations. Of course, my taste buds wanted more than 3.5. Like probably 3 times that amount. LOL!!! I am hoping that by the end of my first week, my stomach will have shrunk and want be growling at me even while I am feeding it. The first 2 weeks is always the hardest, but I am determined to stick with it and loose this weight!!!! More tomorrow!!!!

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