Tuesday, July 06, 2010

4th of July Weekend

was the most amazing weekend I have had in a very long time. It started out on Friday with a awesome dinner and fishing with my husband and little girl at the lake. Then on Saturday we met up with some friends for shopping at Cabela's Sporting store. Then back to the pond for more fishing and then.... as we were out there a huge storm hit us so fast we did not have time to get out of it. We got drenched. Its been forever since that has happened. From head to toe wet. It was amazing and fun. Then we came home for dry clothes and a Rib and Brisket dinner from the local BBQ store. Then off to the most awesome fireworks show I have seen in a very long time. Just had the best day ever with our friends. Sunday we went to Church and the service was amazing!!! So full of energy and Gods presence filled the room. I love, love our new Church. It just gets better every time I go. After church we went shopping for pool supplies and BBQ fixings. Then home to rest and then off to our other friends for Fajitas and Fireworks. It was the best time as we all gathered around and watched the kiddos put on a really great fireworks show. Monday we sort of relaxed most of the morning away and then later we gave the pond another try and ended up catching 12 fish, which 6 of them were keepers. So we will be having ourselves a little fish fry come tonight for dinner. Just a super fun weekend with friends!!! I love these weekends. Lots of great memories for me to scrapbook and keep forever in my heart. Here are some photos of the weekend that I would like to share.

Saturday 4th of July City Fireworks show

Kadie and her best friend LeRoy!!!
My Bro, Craig!!
My Bro and Me!!! I think we are starting to look closely related these days!!!
My Honey Bun and Me. This will be our 28th 4th of July together and all but 2 spent in this same place!!!

We really missed having my Mom and Dad there this year and our friends Debbie and Ken.

Sunday BBQ

Awww Char, you and hubby look so sweet together!!!

Whats 4th of July without a little Watermelon!!!

Even the dog must eat Watermelon!!!

Don and Dawn!!! Love these people!!!

Me doing a little fishing at the Baker Pond..Fishing is now my most favorite Hobby!!!
Best way to stay cool of 4th of July weekend is swimming. My Kadie girl is part fish!!!
The Hostess with the Mostess!!! Thanks Billie and Ryan for a wonderful day!!
Randy and Twila
Keith and Shirley
Goofy girls.. Dawn and Brenda

Boys having fun popping firecrackers!!

Don giving some Fly Fishing Tips!!!

So as you can see from some of the photos I took this weekend, we just had a wonderful time.

One last thing before I go today. I finished reading the book "Leota's Garden

This book was fantastic. I have not read a lot of books in my lifetime as this is all kind of new to me, but this has got to be one of my favorites. I have read most of the Sister Chick series and I loved them all. This one I loved probably more than they. That is saying a lot for this book. One of these days I plan to read more of Francine Rivers books. I think she puts in a lot of things we can relate too or apply to our lives. The ending to this book had a surprising twist that I did not expect. It was a little slow in the beginning as she was introducing all the characters and making you love them all for different reasons. The last 13 chapters of the book went really fast as I did not want to stop reading them. Leota's was an amazing women and I am so glad I met her through this book. I totally recommend reading this book!!!

Ok, thats it for now. Come back soon ya here!!!

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Sharon said...

You do look like your brother. That's ok so do I :) I bet you like to fish because it's quiet and peaceful. That's not how we fish ... we're loud. It's fun to hear some of the guys scream when you see a snake :)