Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Fishing and Reading

Got my stitches out and my head is healing very good. Doctor says I probably want have much of a scar on my forehead, so that is good news. Don't need any extra lines with all the wrinkles that I can see in my future. I just have to say I have the most amazing friends a girl could ask for. During this time I was down, I was so spoilt with food, movies, time spent with me, phone calls, emails, and cards. I think God allowed this all to happen just so I could see how many wonderful friends I do have in my life. Sometimes I get a little down thinking about the friends I no longer have and forgetting to be grateful for the friends I do have. I guess sometimes it takes a 2x6 hitting you on the head for you to realize these sort of things in life. Thank you God for showing me what wonderful friends I do have. I love them all and I will never feel sorry for myself and forget them again.

Went fishing over the weekend and caught my first fish of the year. Not a real big one, but a fun one to reel in. Had to hand it over to my hubby as I was way to nervous. Was afraid he would get away before I could see him. Between the 5 of us, we caught about 2 dozen brim, 1 pretty good size catfish, 1 small sand bass, and 1 small black bass. Not too bad for a evening of fishing. Can't wait to go again. Love to fish.

I joined a book club at my church and our first book is called Leota's Garden by Francine Rivers http://www.francinerivers.com/books/leotas-garden
Our first meet up is at the end of this month and so I only have about 2 weeks to get it read. Yikers!!! I am a very slow reader. I just got it yesterday and starting the 3 chapter. The chapters are long and the writing is small, but so far the story is good.

I figured since this was such a big book, I better make me a sturdy book marker. This is called a Corner Book marker. I took a long sealed envelope and covered both sides with pattern cardstock. Then I cut the corner of one end of envelope in a half moon circle. After I cut it, I used a scallop border punch and scalloped the edge. Then I cut out the top corner inward and put a lace border and ribbon on the edge. Stamped my little raggedy stamp, colored, and popped her up in the middle. Fits perfectly on the corner of my book. Fun project.

I am heading outside in the heat now to see if I can help my sweet husband. He is digging out junk from our storage buildings for a garage sale this coming weekend. I am not hip on this idea cause I hate garage sales, but he wants to have one and says he will do all the work. So I should at least look like I am a little interested even though I am not at all interested. LOL!!! Gotta love him though for trying to sell our junk.

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