Monday, June 28, 2010

Friends, Fishing, and Swimming Fun!!!

What a wonderful day this was. It started out with a birthday party for our sweet little Breanna at Tom Muehlenbeck Center in Plano. What a great place to have a Birthday part. Covered Pavilion with Ceiling fans.
Then we left there and headed over for some Fried Catfish and Onion Rings at Harbor House on Collin Park Marina. Yummy Catfish!!!

Then after a rest for the days activities we decided it was time for some fishing. We went out to the point of Lake Lavon. It was a beautiful night. Breezy and a sky full of stars. Aaron was our hero for the night. We did not catch a lot of fish, but we sure did make a lot of wonderful memories. Love our friends Ron, Shelley, Aaron, and Breanna.
A total day of Friends, Fishing, and Swimming Fun!!!

Speaking of Swimming, yes we are crazy, but decided that our little human fish needed a pool of her own to jump in on hot summer days. So we went out and got her the biggest, most affordable pool we could find. We figure it was better to get the bigger as it would be easier to maintain. Plus the added size would bring enjoyment to the entire family. As you see below, even our son and his friend are enjoying some swimming fun.

And speaking of fishing. Did I ever say that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO FISH!!! My plan for the summer is to spend as much time as possible, fishing. Fishing, Fishing, Fishing, and more fishing. That's all I want to do. The pictures below are us fishing at our little SouthLake Park Pond. They just recently stocked it with Catfish, so of course we race out for the fun. We had many, many, many bites and caught 2 fish all in the 30 minutes we got to be there. Then the Texas Storms blew in and we had to go. It was great fun while it lasted.

Love when we can catch pictures like this. My daughter actually took this picture. Awesome sweetie!!!

More fish stories and summer fun to come, so check back often!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Scrapbook Fun!!!

Today was a wonderful fun day. My friend Twila came over and we scrapbooked. Yes you heard right. I actually got out real printed pictures, paper, glue, and sissors. Its probably been a year since I actually did a real page. I have been doing digital for most of my scrapbook, but there is just something about paper, sissors, and glue. Just cannot be replaced when it comes to fun. I went to my favorite sketch site
and made this layout below.
This was such a fun sketch and layout of my Bug at the park.
Looking forward to more scrapbook fun!!!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Fishing and Reading

Got my stitches out and my head is healing very good. Doctor says I probably want have much of a scar on my forehead, so that is good news. Don't need any extra lines with all the wrinkles that I can see in my future. I just have to say I have the most amazing friends a girl could ask for. During this time I was down, I was so spoilt with food, movies, time spent with me, phone calls, emails, and cards. I think God allowed this all to happen just so I could see how many wonderful friends I do have in my life. Sometimes I get a little down thinking about the friends I no longer have and forgetting to be grateful for the friends I do have. I guess sometimes it takes a 2x6 hitting you on the head for you to realize these sort of things in life. Thank you God for showing me what wonderful friends I do have. I love them all and I will never feel sorry for myself and forget them again.

Went fishing over the weekend and caught my first fish of the year. Not a real big one, but a fun one to reel in. Had to hand it over to my hubby as I was way to nervous. Was afraid he would get away before I could see him. Between the 5 of us, we caught about 2 dozen brim, 1 pretty good size catfish, 1 small sand bass, and 1 small black bass. Not too bad for a evening of fishing. Can't wait to go again. Love to fish.

I joined a book club at my church and our first book is called Leota's Garden by Francine Rivers
Our first meet up is at the end of this month and so I only have about 2 weeks to get it read. Yikers!!! I am a very slow reader. I just got it yesterday and starting the 3 chapter. The chapters are long and the writing is small, but so far the story is good.

I figured since this was such a big book, I better make me a sturdy book marker. This is called a Corner Book marker. I took a long sealed envelope and covered both sides with pattern cardstock. Then I cut the corner of one end of envelope in a half moon circle. After I cut it, I used a scallop border punch and scalloped the edge. Then I cut out the top corner inward and put a lace border and ribbon on the edge. Stamped my little raggedy stamp, colored, and popped her up in the middle. Fits perfectly on the corner of my book. Fun project.

I am heading outside in the heat now to see if I can help my sweet husband. He is digging out junk from our storage buildings for a garage sale this coming weekend. I am not hip on this idea cause I hate garage sales, but he wants to have one and says he will do all the work. So I should at least look like I am a little interested even though I am not at all interested. LOL!!! Gotta love him though for trying to sell our junk.