Sunday, May 30, 2010

28 stitches later

Well when I do something, I never do it just halfway. I go all out. Here is the story of how I ended the day with 28 stitches....

Yesterday I went up to my parents lake house to hang out. We were sitting around enjoying the day when the neighbor came over. We visited in the house for a bit and then took the conversation outside to the porch. She was sharing a really great fish story with all of us and I decided to sit on the porch swing with my hubby. We had been sitting there for about 10 minutes when all of a sudden the swing broke and we went crashing to the ground which then followed the 2x6 that was holding the porch swing to the ceiling of the porch. Well that board hit me in the head and then Kelvin on both knees. I immediately knew I was hurt as blood quickly started flowing down my face and as I pulled my hand away from my head, I was hold several strands of my hair. I of course stood up and was trying to make my way to the car to go to the hospital. Did not get far as I then needed to lay down. I think I was either going into shock or just dazed. So I hear all this shouting for ice and towels and the next thing I know I am being put in ambulance and headed to Presby Hospital in the town I lived in which was 30 minutes from my parents lake house. So it was a very interesting/bumpy ride. Got there and the started cleaning me up and putting in stitches. 8 on the inside and 20 on the outside. I was very lucky as the CT Scan showed no brain or skull injuries. Thank you God. I just now have this nasty cut on my face and head and feeling very sore. I am not able to wash my hair for 3 days, so not sure what that is going to look like. The doctor tried not to cut to much of my hair off. Anyways here is a picture of my beautiful new look that I will be sporting for probably then next 2 weeks. Lets hope there is no to very little scaring.

Hope everyone is having a great Memorial weekend.

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