Friday, March 05, 2010

Gardening and Crochet Muse!!!

Howdy blog friends, Its FRIDAY!!!! YOOOWHOOO!!! I do love Fridays. I get to enjoy my husband/Best Friend for 2 whole days. This weekend we are working in the back yard. I have decided this year to give gardening a try. I come from a Mother with a very green thumb, but have never felt like that green thumb was passed on to me. Then I got to thinking that I really have never given gardening much of a chance. I have dabbled with it here, and there, planting a few flowers, and some vegetables, but really never doing a lot. This year I have decided to do more. My sweet husband separated our yard in half with a fence, so that my doggies could use one side of it, and I could have a nice area to grow flowers ect... on the other side. I have found out in the past that pets and gardens do not mix. My big dog does not understand small tiny flowers and keeping his paws away. So with the fence, this will give him space to run and play, and give my flowers a chance to grow without paw damage. I am very excited about this. A few years back I had done some really pretty stuff to our back yard. Planted some flowers, put in a little pond, put up a patio cover, swing ect.... Well it was not long before the dogs were sleeping in the swing, stomping on the flowers, and even swimming in the pond. Needless to say, my work was for nothing. So my excitement to give this a try is back, as the solution to the problem is fixed. So this weekend my husband is building a Arbor, I believe that is what its called. Its a cover over the patio that you grow ivy or whatever. Over time, it will grow thick and make a really pretty cover for the patio. Below is a picture, or example I found on the Internet of what he is building. Ours is closer to our house and will be next to my covered patio. It will also have a picnic table under it. Hopefully I will be able to have plants ect... around and under, and hanging from mine very soon. My pond will be sort of to the left of the Arbor, and then near will be swing and more plants, and lots of stepping stones. I have it all in my head how I want it to look, but getting it out will be the task. I am excited though to finally be in the mood again to do something nice to my yard. Lets just hope I can inherit that green thumb that my Mother has, and my money will not be wasted once again.
Speaking of Mothers, I did lots of crochet this past week. I now understand more of how my sweet Mother-in-Law was able to achieve so much with her crochet. I mean she could sit down and crochet a entire Afghan in a week. I could never figure out how she could do that. This past week gave me the answer to that question. The answer is "You never set the crochet hook down" No matter what you do, you do it, and crochet at the same time. LOL!!! I accomplished so much this week. So much that I could hardly move my right arm. My shoulder is still aching. LOL!!! I had a goal to get some things done before our crochet class on Monday, for our little girls. I wanted to show them all the things you could do with the Afghan stitch. Below are all the things I created
A little bag for Ipod or whatever!!!

A book cover for Bible!!!

A Book marker

A neck warmer!!!

and a Scarf!!! All in one week. Its amazing that I, Jeanie Beanie, can stay focused that long, and actually finish something. I really do not think I can be labeled Queen of Unfinished projects any longer. Maybe its just finding something you enjoy doing that helps to get the projects finished.
And speaking of finished projects.... I finished the basket weave scarf that I started late fall. I figured since I was on a roll, I might as well get this finished also. It turned out beautiful. Its very heavy though, and perhaps I should take a trip to Alaska, or maybe even Antarctica to be able to use it. One things for sure, it will keep me warm on those cold winter days. I just love this stitch. This would make a excellant afghan for a bed.

Thats it for now. One last update to share. Dani's fever broke and she is having some upset tummy. Have not heard anything today yet. So praying no news is good news, and that she is getting stronger and stronger. Just keep praying for her. Hugs to all!!!

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Anonymous said...

You certainly are keeping busy in Texas!!! Love the patio cover and can't believe you're crocheting creative.