Monday, February 22, 2010

Crochet?? Knit?? Both!!!

Hidy friends, I have decided to recommit myself to my blog again. I am missing it badly. I guess I just needed a break, but now I am feeling strongly about posting again. So I will start this one off with my latest crochet/knitting projects. Yes I said knitting. I finally found someone that was willing to teach me knitting. I am of course a beginner, so I do not have anything fabulous to show yet, but hopefully soon I will have a scarf. Here is a picture of what I have so far. I love this yarn and the colors. Its very soft and it reminds me of ice cream. Don't ask me why as I have no clue, but it does. Now the question of the day is "Do I like Knitting??" Its ok, but it has not won my heart as of yet. I certainly do not like it as much as Crochet. One needle verses 2 needles. It just does not compare. I am so in love with crochet. But then, everyone has their favorite. I will still keep knitting, as I think there are many possibilities of really loving it. With me, it just takes doing it over and over. I can say at one time that I did not care for Crochet either. I tried it once when I was younger 20's, as my MIL tried to teach me, then again, and again through the years, and then one day it just happen. I picked it up and I could not put it down. Nearly wore my arm out before I put it down. So who knows. The same thing might happen with knitting. I do know I want stop trying cause it is fun.
So on to Crochet. Here's what I have going. I always have more than one project going, as I get bored easily.This yarn is sooooooo fabulous. Very chunky,very soft, and fuzzy. It is for sure out of my yarn security box. I usually stick with the more basic yarns, but a friend told me in a round about way that I really needed to experiment with yarn, and so I decided she was right. I just love rubbing this yarn on my face. This is the start of a scarf. I know, another scarf. I am in love with making them, as its a fast way to get results. I am one of those that needs results. Plus who could ever have enough scarves. I do not think I could complete a Afghan right now. I think I would loose interest too fast. Perhaps one day though.
Speaking of Afghan. This scarf is using the Afghan stitch. If you have never tried this stitch, I totally recommend it. Its the most awesome stitch that I have ever done in Crochet. Its also called the knit stitch for crochet. So its kind of like having your cake and ice cream both. There I go with that ice cream thing again. I must be unconsiously craving ice cream. Anyways it has the beautiful look of knitting, but with one needle. Love it, love it!!! Go to and type in Afghan stitch. There are some wonderful videos that can teach you.Here is another project using the Afghan stitch. This is a neck warmer. This was great fun, fast, and I learned to make pom poms. Of course I had to go to hobby lobby and buy me the really cool pom, pom maker. They are such fun to do. I can now see why my MIL made a entire box of these. This yarn is awesome. Its more the basic yarn, but its wonderful and very affordable. It is about the same price as the Red Heart, but I think its so much softer. Its from Hobby Lobby. Its called "Love this Yarn" So many delicious colors to pick from.

So one last thing to share about crochet. Here is the most awesome thing I have discovered lately. Do you have issues with your yarn getting tangled in your bag? I know I do. I have tried everything under the sun to keep my yarn nice and neat. The other day while at Hobby Lobby I saw these handy looking little net thingies. They are called Yarn Sleeves. So I bought some to try. So far I give them 2 thumbs up. I got through a entire skein of thread and not one tangle or ravel. A very cheap solution, to a very annoying problem.Ok, that's it for now. I am planning to post more daily musings, more often. So please come back!!! Hugs and prayers, and much blessings to all that read this.

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