Sunday, January 31, 2010

Digital Fun!!!

Hey Blog friends, So sorry its been so long since I posted. Just been busy enjoying life. This year sort of started off on a bad note. My external hard drive crashed and I lost all of my pictures and digital stuff. I actually thought it was the end of the world and spent a entire day crying, but once I gathered myself, I searched and found a lot of my pictures on disk and figured out that some of my digital was not totally lost as I had saved some of it even. So really once all was said and done, I lost mostly 2008 photos. There were a lot of great photos from that year as that was the year we spent camping and fishing. I do have some that I had uploaded to my blog, so I am thankful for that. Anyways, the lesson from all of this is to back up your stuff in more than one place. It really does suck when you loose it all.

On a good note, I have been doing lots of purging the last few weeks. Cleaned out my closet of 7 bags of clothes and cleaned out my room of all the junk that I had accumulated. Got rid of some furniture and made more space. Continued through the house and so far have purged about 12 large trash bags of stuff. Then I redecorated my bathroom and did some major spring cleaning in other areas of the house. So I am happy to say that my house is looking very good. I love when my house is clean.

What else have I been doing?? Well I have been working on my digital stuff. I am so loving digital scrapbooking. I love that its something I can do watching TV with my husband or anywhere else in the house. This past weekend I had my best girlfriends over and we all sit together and digital scrapbooked. It was amazing that each person only had to bring in one bag and that we could actually fit 5 of us in my scrapbook room with room to spare. Just takes up so much less space than paper scrapbooking. I just love it so much!!! Here are some photos of our fun weekend.
Here are the layouts that I worked on. I am not any faster doing digital, but I love it so much more.

Ok, so that is it for now. I will try really hard to post more often. After loosing all my photos, I realized how important it is to blog pictures. Hope everyone is having a super great year so far. Hugs to all of you!!!