Thursday, September 10, 2009

Basket Weave Stitch

I completed my Basket Weave hat. Here to model for me is my sweet 10 year old daughter. She loves to pose for me. I am thinking after done, and looking at these pictures, that I think I got off on my stitches at some point, as I cannot see the basket weave as well as should. It still turned out to be a cute hat and I am sure it will be great keeping the head warm in the winter. I plan to start the matching scarf next, and I am sure it will be easier to do just because its a flat surface and I want be going in circles. Hats are very hard for me for some reason. My second completed project!! Wow, I am on a roll!! I am also thinking I will do a sample afghan. I have seen so many awesome videos on different crochet stitches and I want to do them all. So what better way than to do a sample afghan with the different squares of stitches. Need to look up some info on how many squares of each ect... to do the afghan. Sounds like fun!!!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Blog thoughts

Hi Blog friends, This month has really started out great. We started our Bible study at church and the first night was so wonderful. Like a good book you cannot put down, I cannot wait for this weeks class, which is tomorrow. If you have never done a study on the 5 Crowns, I totally recommend it. Really makes you stop and think about your heavenly treasures and your talents and gifts. I have realized already in one class, that I have wasted a lot of my time on meaningless stuff and really need to spend more time in Gods word and figuring out where I should be spending my time. What are my gifts and how can I earn a Crown to lay before my Lord?? Just love how this class has me thinking right now.

Also I have completed my very first Crochet project. My scarf that I posted about in the previous post. Here is a photo of it completed and already hanging with a jacket that I plan to wear with it.
I am thrilled to have actually completed something Crochet. I have several started projects, but none of them have been as fun and pleasing as this one. The Afghan stitch is just the easiest stitch ever. My plan now is to make a matching hat. I went to Michael's yesterday to get more yarn, but they would not let me use a coupon, cause the yarn was on sale 2 for 8.00. Well I decided to wait until I can use a 50% off coupon and get it for a 1.00 cheaper. Its not like I am in a huge hurry as I have other yarn to play with. I have started a hat using the basket weave stitch. It is a very hard stitch, but so gorgeous. I am having some difficulty in coming out in the end with the right amount of stitches on each row. I have ripped out and started many times on each row. Still not certain it is right, but keep going. I guess I will know in the end. Here is the start of my hat. In this picture is the top of the hat. Not sure you can see the basket weave stitch, but it is very pretty. I cannot wait to do more today. It really is hard for me to get anything done elsewhere. All I want to do is work on my Crochet.

I just love this yarn. It is from Hobby Lobby and it is called "I love this Yarn" Very soft, but yet very affordable. I had started the hat in a different yarn, but it was just too thick. So I had to use the smaller yarn. Want this look fabulous with a denim jacket. I plan to do a scarf in this same color and hopefully same stitch. Depends on if I am able to get the hat done.

You will probably see more Crochet post than any right now. As I have mentioned above, I have been doing a lot of thinking about my life. Things I spend my time doing and with whom I do them with. I love scrapbooking and cardmaking and its brought me such joy over the past years, but there are so limited amount of places you can do those things now. Stores are closing all around and its really hard to pack up everything and go to others homes. Space is so limited in the homes. So my answer to this problem is stay at home and scrapbook and go out and Crochet. All you need is your thread and needle and you are good to go. You can Crochet just about anywhere. Its easy to get together with friends and still have a great time. There is very little space needed for this hobby. A comfy chair will work just fine. I just totally am loving it right now. Its just what I need in my life. I just wish I had found this love when my MIL was living. My whole life might be different if I had not put so much time into scrapbooking and done more Crochet with her. Right now I am teaching my little girl about Crochet. She is learning the joys it brought her Nana through her Nana's old pattern books. I am seeing so many projects in these books that I remember my MIL doing. Telling her the stories. We have been walking down memory lane this past weeks. I even remember her giving me some of these projects we are finding in the books. Her favorite thing was making the little critters from Crochet. She loved making doll clothes, and all sorts of the craft stuff. She made the most beautiful Afghans ever. Every stitch was perfect. She would start one on a Sunday and finish on a Friday. I was always amazed at how fast she could get a Afghan made and how pretty they were. I may never be as good as her, but I know it will bring many hours of joy and will always make me think of her as I am doing it. I am so hoping that my sweet girl will learn to enjoy doing Crochet and it will be something her and I can share through the years together. So anyway..... Till next time.....