Monday, August 17, 2009

A post that actually does not consist of me talking about my "LIVIT" I am sure you are totally surprised!!! Today I would like to share some of my card making and Scrapbooking projects that I have done over the last couple of weeks. First in line are these beautiful cards that I made at my friend Karen's stamping class. My first time seeing a card like this was from my friend Paula. She made it during a crop we had a few weeks back. It was so beautiful. I knew I had to eventually make a card like hers. So when I went to my friend Karen's class, I was tickled pink to see that we were making this card. It was very detailed and took some time, but every minute was worth it!! I absolutely love this card!!!
Next we did 2 more simple, but yet awesome cards. The first one below is actually a bookmark. You take off the corner and place it on the corner of your page. Very cool!!! A card and a gift in one. Last, but not least, this simple, but elegant Thank you card. All three cards were fun to make and I love this class. I cannot wait till next month to see what Karen will have for us.!!! Thank you Karen!!! YOU ROCK!!!

Next I would like to share the pages I just did on Scrapbook Retreat this past weekend. I actually got 15 layouts completed. It will show 16, but I had already done one these pages before retreat. 15, that is a huge amount for me. I am better known as one who only gets probably 4 done on a weekend. So I totally rocked this retreat!!!

Most of them are of my DD's past birthdays. We have had a variety of theme party's. These are just a few of them. The first one is of her Ronald McDonald party. These are of her and her little school friends all gathered at McDonald's. It ended up raining and so they were all stuck inside. They still had lots of fun though.

The page above and below are half pages that will go in a half sheet page protector. I just could not decide which photos I wanted to use and there were too many to put on 2 12x12 pages, so I put the extra on 2 sides of 2 6x12 pages. Worked out perfectly. The next pages are of Chuck E. Cheese Birthday. Every kid needs at least 1 Chuck E. Cheese party. I think we did 3 of them. These pictures are of her at her 5th Birthday. This theme will be easy to identify. It is Strawberry Shortcake. I used a coloring book image I got from google and paper pieced my strawberry shortcake and the strawberry on the half page. This took a little time, but the end results made it all worth it. There is lots of glitter on Strawberry Shortcake, but its hard to see in the photo. The Strawberry Shortcake title was just printed and cut out and then glittered.

Next we are again at Chuck E. Cheese. This time she is turning 7. She is hanging out for the day with her friend Hunter. She had a party at school, which I already did that layout a while back, then we went to Chuck E. Cheese, shopping at Toys R Us, and then a sleep over. There will be another layout of shopping to come.
below is the layout of the sleep over part of the party!!! Her very first sleepover!!!
In the layouts below, we are celebrating 3 years old or "Free Years Old" We had a home party and invited family and close friends. She loved all the attention!!! She was a cute little princess!!!

The next layout is another birthday, but not my DD's. It is of my DS. This is the day we brought him home from the hospital. So not really his birthday, but still a celebration of his birthday.
The last layout is one that I had started a while back, but had not completed. I ended up redoing the entire layout as I had found more pictures and had to put them on the page. I am really starting to get into the more picture part of scrapbooking, rather than so many embellishments. Its about time I finally do what I am suppose to be doing, and that is scrapbooking the pictures!!!

These layouts are of a vacation we took in 1996 to Turner Falls, Oklahoma. It was a memorable vacation cause it was Memorial Day weekend and it came a rain and flooded. Everything flooded. I think we ended up being one of the few families that found dry land and was able to stay in the park. I never saw so much water in one place. What was once a stream, became a raging river. Very awesome!!! Well that's it for now. Hopefully I will get even more done during my next retreat which is mid September. I am still using sketches and I do believe that is what has helped me get my Scrapbook Mojo back. I just cannot think of ever doing another layout without using a sketch.


elizabeth said...

WOW - 15 layouts? Who are you and what did you do with Jeanie??? LOL! You go girl - you truly did 'rock the retreat'!

Lovin Hello Kitty said...

These are great. I love them and how many pictures you used on a page. Sketches are awesome!