Friday, August 21, 2009

Coconut Milk

Oh yea, I am a happy camper. Finally a alternative to soy milk. I have been drinking Soy Silk Soy milk for probably 4 years now. There is so much controversy out there about soy milk that it has had me concerned the last few months. I have recently been diagnosed with very low thyroid and very high estrogen levels. Sooooo many people keep telling me its because of the soy milk I drink. I did do a search about it and have found some sites that talk about this and so I really started pondering the idea that it could be true. But what does one do when they cannot drink regular milk. I mean its not a allergy thing, but a YUK thing. I really do not care for cows milk at all. About the only time I will drink it is with cookies or cereal. But never just down a big ole glass of milk. I would much rather down a big ole glass of soy milk. Well today I went to the health food store in search of a substitute to soy. I have done the almond milk and its pretty good, but it only comes in these little bitty cartons that would only last about 3 glasses. So searching and searching and low and behold I found my milk savior!!!

I am soooo thrilled. I have been reading a lot about Coconut milk mainly because it is one of the things I can have on my Fungus Livit. I had no clue there was actually a half gallon of it sitting on the shelf. Oh awesome!!! I was thinking people squeezed their own or something. Never heard of coconut milk. Everything I read about this product so far sounds really great. Lots of good vitamin E and D. Calcium, zinc, magnesium ect..... All the things that I am low on. I just cannot tell you how excited I was when I saw it. Here is the website if you want to read more.... If you are drinking soy and would like something different, I totally recommend this product already. It taste great. Not like coconut at all. Just smooth and creamy. I got the unsweetened and I think it will take a little bit of time to get use to the blander taste, but it should not be that hard since I was drinking unsweetened Soy Silk. I am definitely doing the happy dance. Now I have something besides soy to drink in my smoothies. YES!!! YES!!! Happy Dance!! Happy Dance!! Happy Dance!! Thank you God!!! You are just toooo good to me!!!
My other discovery today was Coconut flour. I can have coconut flour. Its a little expensive so I do not plan to go hog wild and start baking cakes or anything, but it will be a great substitute for regular flour and soy protein. It is so much easier nowadays to be on a LIVIT!!!

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