Friday, August 28, 2009

Afagan stitch

Howdy blog friends, Sorry for the lack of post. I have just been busy on the Farm (te, he) That would be Farmtown on Facebook. I am so addicted to that. So much fun!! I really have not done a lot of anything lately to blog. Just doing a lot of r & r and trying to enjoy the last days of summer I guess.
I am however working on a new Crochet project. I learned this really awesome stitch called the Afagan stitch and am loving it!! Its really a no brainer. Of course I did have to rip it out several times (5 to be exact) before I actually caught on. It has a lot of the same look as knitting, but with crochet and 1 needle. I saw the stitch done by a friend and then went online to U-Tube to learn it. The tutorial is very easy to follow. Just do a search on U-Tube for Afagan stitch. Easy to learn and the results are just beautiful. This project I am doing now is a neck scarf. I figure I will start out on something small and doable, before I start a big project. Here is what I have done so far. The first picture is of the front and the second picture is of the back side. Its a little hard to tell the difference in the photo, but there is a better difference in person. Both sides are gorgeous.

This stitch is so easy that I taught my 10 year old how to do it in minutes. She is also making her a scarf like mine. We are busy ripping out and starting over on hers right now cause mostly she does not pay attention to her stitches and goes in the wrong loop, but she is learning from her mistakes and a scarf is starting to form. I have some ideas of what I would like to do next. Just not sure I can do this stitch. We shall see!!!

Other than this, September brings about a lot of fun activities. God willing on all of this, we will be starting homeschool on Sept. 14. I am excited to start back to CHEC this year. Lots of fun things planned for the fall with our schooling. I am starting back to swimming 3 days a week now that public school is back in session. I will also be joining our local Rec center so that I can work out on machines 2 days a week. Planning to start walking at our local Civic Center at least 3 days a week. I am planning and going on a scrapbook retreat with my girlfriends mid September, playing Bunko with my new Bunko Club, going to my monthly Stamp class, which I enjoy so much now that I have gotten to know some of the ladies, and starting a new Bible Study on the 5 Crowns, which I am very, very excited about. Should be a fun and busy month for me!!! Hopefully I will have lots to talk about and share in my next post!!!

Oh and the LIVIT is going great. Still no significant amount of weight loss to talk about, but I have great hopes for September!!!

Until I post again, I pray Gods Blessings on all!!!


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