Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Word of the Day is.....


Not just any red, but.......

Raggedy Annie Red

My dear, sweet, adorable husband painted our travel trailer ( travel trailer)... (aka... Raggedy Annie)... Raggedy Annie Red. I was totally thrilled. Actually the true color on the can was Cherry Red. But we will just call it Raggedy Annie Red, because that seems to be a more fitting color name.

Isn't she just gorgeous. This Momma is Proud!!!
She once looked like this
I really did almost cry when I saw her new color. I admit, I did not think she would clean up so well from when I first saw her out in the back pasture of our friends property. I hoped, but was not certain. Most of all, I did not ever think that my husband would let me have my way with her. He did not seem real excited about me wanting to decorate her in my favorite Raggedy Annie theme. But with lots of talking and some compromising, she is getting there. I promised not to put anything on the outside that gave away her real identity. LOL!!! He just could not see himself driving down the road pulling something that was decorated in Raggedy Annie. So we are keeping her in disguise for his dignity's sake. As for the inside, he has agreed to Red Check Curtains and red seat cushions. I told him I would not over do the inside. Maybe just a couple of things. He has worked so hard on her and he deserves to enjoy her as much as I do.

Here are a few other very important additions. First being the new air conditioning

He did a fabulous job mounting the A/C into the trailer. It was a hard job. He first had to cut a hole, which was very scary. We were not sure if this was going to work, and cutting the hole could have been a huge mistake. Everyone, including my dad, said it was not the best idea cutting a hole in the side of the trailer. However, there was just no other way to mount it. We went through ever idea and I searched the Internet high and low for ideas. When we went on our homeschool camping trip, we saw another trailer with the A/C mounted in the side. It looked fairly easy to do and gave us the confidence to do it. So we decided to go against all advice and just do what we thought was the only way. Thank goodness it worked. He had to put extra wood on the inside to help brace it up and make it tight and sturdy. It was not exactly the best look we were hoping for, but once we get it all stained and decorated, I doubt you will even notice the bracing. He put extra bracing on the outside as well. I really do not think it will go anywhere. Fingers crossed!!!


We got the new fan and cover for the top. It has been a big gaping hole since we brought it home. Not no more!!!When it comes to this kind of stuff, my husband really makes it all look easy. However, this was several hours of hot fun. He said not as hard as he anticipated, but still very hard to install. I ask him if he wanted to retire and do this sort of thing all the time. His quick answer was "NO". LOL!!! I think though once it is done, he will look back on all of it and say that it was "Not so bad" and that he really did enjoy doing it. The end results will be so worth all the hard work and I know, as long as God allows, we will have years of great fun.

Next will be staining all the inside wood and the floor!!! We are almost done!!! I can hardly believe it.

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Lovin Hello Kitty said...

WOW it looks awesome! He has done a wonderful job and you are very blessed to have him as your hubby! I am so jealous of you and your trailer but so glad for you as well....can't wait to see it in person.