Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Coffee Grinder

I have a new kitchen gadget. Most of you would think its not really blog worthy, but perhaps the reason I bought it might be. This is my new Coffee Grinder!!! Those that know me may wonder why I would buy a Coffee Grinder, since I do not drink coffee. Well its not for coffee, its for grinding flax seed. I realized yesterday that I needed to grind my flax seed so that I would get more benefits from them. For the longest I just added them to my food whole. Then I read a very interesting website that said you should grind your flax seed to get its full benefits. Otherwise they just pass through the body. Dah!!! that makes total since now that I think about it. So I immediately went out and bought me a coffee grinder, since that is what they suggested for me to purchase. It was a very amazing thing to watch. My flax seeds became dust. LOL!!! It really does not take much to entertain me. You are only suppose to grind what you need in just a few days of use. I really wanted to grind the whole bag, because it was so much fun to watch. Anyways, if you want to know more about flax seed health benefits, I have found lots of good information on the Flax Seed Shop website. Now maybe I will reap the full benefits with my new grinder!!!

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