Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My little China Collection

I was browsing through my pictures that I took the last few months and I totally forgot to share my new dishes with you. I have been collecting these dishes for a very, very long time. I had about 23 pieces collected so far over about 10 years or more and a few weeks ago my Mother gave me more to go with my collection. She went to a estate sale and found about 25 more pieces for me. I was so excited, cause now I have enough to display in my china hutch. What I noticed when I was putting them in my hutch is that I think I actually have 2 or more collections going. Some are marked Japan, some are marked China, one piece is marked Floral Park, and others are marked with nothing at all. I thought that was interesting as they all appear almost exactly the same. The only difference I could see is, some have gold trim around the edge and a etching, and others are plain. You really have to look closely to see the differences in the flowers or the etching. It is so very slight. Anyway, I am hoping that I can collect enough of all the pieces to split it in half with my daughter some day. I really do not think these days it matters if its all the same set. Its not like I ever plan to sell them. Its all beautiful, and I think looks fabulous in the hutch. Just so delicate and pretty.

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Shelley - My Scrappin' Mimi said...

How wonderful Jeanie; they are delicate and pretty. Kudos to Mom, she's finally catchin' the wave! (It's a Cali. thing) LOL