Sunday, June 07, 2009

Small, but tasty!!

My first tomato's. I actually had 3, but ate one before I got my camera. Very tasty, but I have to admit that I am a little disappointed that I purchased 3 salad size tomato plants. The man at the garden center assured me that the ones I bought were big yellow tomato's. I actually found someone that knows less about tomato's than I do. I would like to be so bold to take these little mators up to him and tell him how wrong he was. Instead I will not say anything, learn from my experience, and appreciate the fruits of my labor no matter how small they might be. I still have 3 other plants that I got from one of my husbands friends. I am hoping the mators on those will produce bigger ones for me some homemade salsa and yummy sandwiches. I have a few on the plants, but not sure what the size will be yet. They do appear to look bigger already than these in the picture. I really cannot see me slicing these up and putting them on a sandwich. However, a girl must do what a girl must do. Notice the bolts in the picnic table. That will help you to get a idea of the size of these really big yellow tomato's (NOT). They are about the size of a grape.
My only other concern is that my leaves are turning yellow. This is very new to me. I have never had yellow leaves this soon in the growing season. Usually that does not happen till the end of the season. I have searched on the net for info and it really could be a lot of reasons.
1. too much water
2. not enough water
3. need some miracle grow
4. blithe
I have picked most of the yellow leaves off today and tomorrow I will go purchase some miracle grow. Maybe that will help. Otherwise, I have no clue and can just hope for the best.

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