Sunday, June 14, 2009

Relaxing Weekend

This weekend has been a very relaxing weekend. I have stayed home mostly, which is very rare for me. On Friday night, I did some mild organizing to my kitchen and my little building outside. It was starting to get crowded in my kitchen cabinets and on my counter top with all the appliances and baking stuff that I have accumulated and rarely use. I did not want to get rid of them, cause you never know when you might like to make some bread or bake a cake. So I put some shelving in my little building outside and put all my kitchen goodies out there. Now I have lots of room in my cabinets for those things I use daily and I did not have to get rid of the things that I enjoy using on occasion.

Saturday afternoon, my girlfriend came over and we did a little scrapbooking for the first time since our retreat in mid May. That too is very rare for me. I usually try to do some sort of paper craft at least once a week. Lately though, I have been spending more time outdoors, than indoors. Just enjoying my family and the weather before it gets too hot. I think this weekend proved to be the beginning of getting too hot. So spending the afternoon inside the cool house and scrapbooking with a friend was just the perfect thing to do on a hot Saturday afternoon. I wanted to work on a challenge that another friend put forth. The challenge was to complete a couple of sketches from our favorite sketch sites. One was from 52sketches52weeks and the other was from Mojo Monday. I knew there was no way I could get both challenges done, so I picked doing the 52sketches52weeks, sketch #22 and #23. I am trying very hard to concentrate on my scrapbooking these days cause I have so many pictures. I love card making, and I really love Mojo Monday, but for now, I need to stay focused on getting pages done so I can put a book together for my Son and Daughter. So with all that said, here is my take on the sketches. This is of my Son when he was only 4 weeks old. As I have mentioned many times before, he is 21, almost 22. Yes, I am way behind, but catching up quickly. My hopes are to have a scrapbook for him by the end of this year.

I really did not change anything about these sketches as I loved them just as they are, and they worked great with these photos. I am very spoiled now and not sure how I would even go about creating a page without a sketch to follow. There are many sketch sites out there now and I am so grateful for all the sketch artist and the talents that they share to the Internet world. Thank you so much!!! I would still be looking for my MoJo if it were not for these great sites 52sketches52weeks,Lets Scrap, Pencil Lines, P Hutch Sketches, and Page Maps. I bow at your Talents!!!

Today, my husband worked on our little Camper (aka Raggedy Annie) She is coming along quite nicely. We now have a completely sealed roof, no leaks thank goodness, since it came a huge storm last week. We also have electricity now. I was very excited to see lights. We also have a new frig. My dad found us a brand new one at a garage sale for half the price. That was so cool. Anyway, my husband said she will be ready for camping by the fall. I am getting so excited. He is planning to work on the air conditioning, build a new table that turns into a bed, replace the counter top, fix the stove, and get the water working. Then we will put in new flooring and give her a fresh coat of paint. Once all that is done, I will clean everything and make curtains and covers for windows and cushions. We did spend some time along the way talking about the decorating part and my first idea was to decorate in all Raggedy Annie stuff. However, since my husband has put so much time into refurbishing her and is as excited as I am about taking her to the lake, I thought I would just decorate her in maybe a camping/fishing outdoor theme for now. She will be Raggedy Annie in my heart and perhaps one day, I will make her my own. For now, I will be fare and share and not make my husband suffer with more Raggedy Ann decor!!! Here are some updated photos of her progress thus far.
More pictures to come!!!

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elizabeth said...

Gorgeous layout! You take those sketches and run with them. Maybe if I had half your talent I'd love scrapbooking that much too. :)