Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June Musings!!!

Ok, I have not fell off the face of the earth as my Mom sometimes ask. Its just been one of those busy months. Here we are July already. I just cannot believe a month of our summer is already gone. So what have I been keeping busy with you may wonder?? First off just let me say that this past week what has kept me the busiest is this sweet little boy. This is Jayden. He is nine months old. He is the grandson of a long time friend whom I rarely see now. I bump into her occasionally. Anyways, I babysit her 3 children, when her oldest was about 8 years old. His name is Chris. A surprise knock on the door from him asking me if I could babysit his son. He found me on the Internet and drove a whole 2 minutes to my house. We were both surprised to know we lived so close. So this is nothing new for me to have my past children ask me to keep their children. So for the summer, or as long as it last, I will have this little guy keeping me and my DD very busy. Thank goodness I have my DD to help me. She is very good with entertaining him.

Next on the busy monthly agenda is scrapbooking and camping.

Friday before last, I spent the day scrapbooking with my homeschool friends. That is something I have not done since retreat in mid May. It was great fun. About 10 of us gathered at a local church and spent the entire day together. I actually got some pages done this time of my DD. I did use sketches from my favorite sites
52sketches52weeks and letsscrap. As always it made doing the pages so much easier. I would not scrapbook without them now.

In the layout above, I actually used my Creative Memories wave template. I have rarely used it in the 8 or so years I have had it.
I wish you could see this layout above better. It has lots of bling on the butterfly's and flowers.
I do love scrapbooking!!!!
Then we left for 4 days of camping with our homeschool friends. We did have a awesome time, but it was very hot. Our saving grace from the heat was our A/C unit. Without it, we would have never made it for 4 days.
At first seeing this crazy idea on YouTube, I just shared a laugh with my DH. But closer to the camping trip and the hotter it kept getting, we decided to give the crazy idea a try. I mean we did just happen to have a A/C unit that was not being used. Why not!!! Thankfully it worked wonderfully. So much so, that we had to cover up with quilts to stay warm. We will never go tent camping in the summer again without our A/C Unit. Here are a few more ways we found to stay cool on our trip

Thank goodness for Cold Spring Waters and Falls!!! God is awesome!!!

Finally enough tomato's to have a salad. Boy has it been a slow ripening season. I finally today picked my very first large tomato that has been on the vine since the beginning. It finally was on there so long it cracked open. It did not taste good at all. However, the little tomato's in this salad are wonderful. So sweet!! I have tons more on the vines, but my bigger ones just do not want to get ripe. I may have to have Fried Green tomato's.

This is a little dessert I made for a Homeschool Mom Dessert Social. I have decided that I am going to start baking different kinds of bars. You know everyone has their favorite things they bake. Some bake cookies, some cakes, some cupcakes, some muffins. For me, I have decided I want to bake bar desserts. This one I sort of made up. Its a cross between a lemon creme and a key lime. I call it
Lemon Lime Cherry Creme Bar

1 1/2 cup of crushed graham crackers
1/2 stick of butter
2 tablespoons of sugar

mix all ingredients and then put into a 9x13 bar pan. Pack it down flat on the bottom of pan. Bake for about 8 minutes on 350 degrees.

Meanwhile mix together with spoon
2 cans of eagles brand evaporated milk
1/2 cup of lemon juice
1/2 cup of lime juice
6 egg yolks
zest from both lemon and lime

Pour creme mixture over pie crust and return to oven for about 15 minutes till middle is set. Let cool 10 minutes and then put in frig for several hours until completely chilled. Top with can of cherry pie filling. I used mostly the gel part of the filling. Top with Whip Cream. Be prepared for a mouth full of sweet tart lemon flavor. Only a little bit goes a long way.

Now I would like to share new updates on our little travel trailer (aka:Raggedy Annie)

New refrig!!!

Newly painted icebox. Was green, now white.

Newly stained cabinet drawers and door.

New wood counter top and newly painted stove. Was green. Now shiny white. Cabinet was green wallpaper. Now beautiful wood counter top.

Newly scrubbed sink with new faucet on new wood cabinet.

Isn't the cabinet beautiful and notice the new back splash behind the sink. It did look like this
Big difference!!! I love that my husband is so talented when it comes to building and remodeling.

Here he is building a new wood table. I hated the Formica looking table it had. I wanted wood. So he built me this beautiful wood table.
This is what the old table looked like
Again, big difference. Things are really coming together and I get excited after each new addition. Next he will start painting the outside. I am very excited about that.
One last thing, I have been swimming almost every day at our local Natatorium. When I first started 2 months ago, I could barely swim 1/2 lap without wanting to pass out. Monday I swam 30 laps which equals one mile. I am not good at swimming on my stomach. I tend to take in to much water through my nose and nearly drown. So I swim on my back, face up. So 30 laps on my back no stopping. My arms and hips are very sore now and so yesturday I mostly just relaxed. Maybe today I will be able to do it again.
Until next time.....

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Shelley - My Scrappin' Mimi said...

Just doesn't look at all like the original camper. Wow, I am truely amazed at the progress! Can't wait to see the next transformation.

Jayden is sooooooo cute, but must be a handful! LOL

You are movin' right along on the layouts! These are wonderful too.

Have fun...see ya soon,