Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Happy Anniversary

To hubby and me!!! Today was our 26th Wedding Anniversary. Really we did not feel like doing a whole lot today. We went back and forth with ideas and started sounding like the cute little English Vultures in the movie Jungle Book. You know the ones that sit on the limb and say "What you wanna do?" "I don't know, what you wanna do?" "I don't know, what you wanna do?" Oh no, don't start that again!". I remember laughing so hard at those little birds. Anyway, he took off work and we went out to lunch at Shogun. That is really a great place to eat. The entertainment is great and the food is just supurb!!! So then we went to Lowe's and did some price checking on a few things for our camper. Once back out of the store, it was heating up a bit, so we came home to cool off. It got just a little hot today and neither of us felt like being in the heat. Later we went for snow cones and tonight we fixed some hamburgers on the grill and now we are both fat and happy on our laptops. We did discuss going to see the movie "UP" but neither of us have moved on the idea. We just keep sitting here watching time go by. LOL!!!
Really as long as we are together, it really makes no difference what we do. I love that he took the day off from work to spend with me and baby girl. It was a perfect, relaxing anniversary day.

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