Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June Musings!!!

Ok, I have not fell off the face of the earth as my Mom sometimes ask. Its just been one of those busy months. Here we are July already. I just cannot believe a month of our summer is already gone. So what have I been keeping busy with you may wonder?? First off just let me say that this past week what has kept me the busiest is this sweet little boy. This is Jayden. He is nine months old. He is the grandson of a long time friend whom I rarely see now. I bump into her occasionally. Anyways, I babysit her 3 children, when her oldest was about 8 years old. His name is Chris. A surprise knock on the door from him asking me if I could babysit his son. He found me on the Internet and drove a whole 2 minutes to my house. We were both surprised to know we lived so close. So this is nothing new for me to have my past children ask me to keep their children. So for the summer, or as long as it last, I will have this little guy keeping me and my DD very busy. Thank goodness I have my DD to help me. She is very good with entertaining him.

Next on the busy monthly agenda is scrapbooking and camping.

Friday before last, I spent the day scrapbooking with my homeschool friends. That is something I have not done since retreat in mid May. It was great fun. About 10 of us gathered at a local church and spent the entire day together. I actually got some pages done this time of my DD. I did use sketches from my favorite sites
52sketches52weeks and letsscrap. As always it made doing the pages so much easier. I would not scrapbook without them now.

In the layout above, I actually used my Creative Memories wave template. I have rarely used it in the 8 or so years I have had it.
I wish you could see this layout above better. It has lots of bling on the butterfly's and flowers.
I do love scrapbooking!!!!
Then we left for 4 days of camping with our homeschool friends. We did have a awesome time, but it was very hot. Our saving grace from the heat was our A/C unit. Without it, we would have never made it for 4 days.
At first seeing this crazy idea on YouTube, I just shared a laugh with my DH. But closer to the camping trip and the hotter it kept getting, we decided to give the crazy idea a try. I mean we did just happen to have a A/C unit that was not being used. Why not!!! Thankfully it worked wonderfully. So much so, that we had to cover up with quilts to stay warm. We will never go tent camping in the summer again without our A/C Unit. Here are a few more ways we found to stay cool on our trip

Thank goodness for Cold Spring Waters and Falls!!! God is awesome!!!

Finally enough tomato's to have a salad. Boy has it been a slow ripening season. I finally today picked my very first large tomato that has been on the vine since the beginning. It finally was on there so long it cracked open. It did not taste good at all. However, the little tomato's in this salad are wonderful. So sweet!! I have tons more on the vines, but my bigger ones just do not want to get ripe. I may have to have Fried Green tomato's.

This is a little dessert I made for a Homeschool Mom Dessert Social. I have decided that I am going to start baking different kinds of bars. You know everyone has their favorite things they bake. Some bake cookies, some cakes, some cupcakes, some muffins. For me, I have decided I want to bake bar desserts. This one I sort of made up. Its a cross between a lemon creme and a key lime. I call it
Lemon Lime Cherry Creme Bar

1 1/2 cup of crushed graham crackers
1/2 stick of butter
2 tablespoons of sugar

mix all ingredients and then put into a 9x13 bar pan. Pack it down flat on the bottom of pan. Bake for about 8 minutes on 350 degrees.

Meanwhile mix together with spoon
2 cans of eagles brand evaporated milk
1/2 cup of lemon juice
1/2 cup of lime juice
6 egg yolks
zest from both lemon and lime

Pour creme mixture over pie crust and return to oven for about 15 minutes till middle is set. Let cool 10 minutes and then put in frig for several hours until completely chilled. Top with can of cherry pie filling. I used mostly the gel part of the filling. Top with Whip Cream. Be prepared for a mouth full of sweet tart lemon flavor. Only a little bit goes a long way.

Now I would like to share new updates on our little travel trailer (aka:Raggedy Annie)

New refrig!!!

Newly painted icebox. Was green, now white.

Newly stained cabinet drawers and door.

New wood counter top and newly painted stove. Was green. Now shiny white. Cabinet was green wallpaper. Now beautiful wood counter top.

Newly scrubbed sink with new faucet on new wood cabinet.

Isn't the cabinet beautiful and notice the new back splash behind the sink. It did look like this
Big difference!!! I love that my husband is so talented when it comes to building and remodeling.

Here he is building a new wood table. I hated the Formica looking table it had. I wanted wood. So he built me this beautiful wood table.
This is what the old table looked like
Again, big difference. Things are really coming together and I get excited after each new addition. Next he will start painting the outside. I am very excited about that.
One last thing, I have been swimming almost every day at our local Natatorium. When I first started 2 months ago, I could barely swim 1/2 lap without wanting to pass out. Monday I swam 30 laps which equals one mile. I am not good at swimming on my stomach. I tend to take in to much water through my nose and nearly drown. So I swim on my back, face up. So 30 laps on my back no stopping. My arms and hips are very sore now and so yesturday I mostly just relaxed. Maybe today I will be able to do it again.
Until next time.....

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Relaxing Weekend

This weekend has been a very relaxing weekend. I have stayed home mostly, which is very rare for me. On Friday night, I did some mild organizing to my kitchen and my little building outside. It was starting to get crowded in my kitchen cabinets and on my counter top with all the appliances and baking stuff that I have accumulated and rarely use. I did not want to get rid of them, cause you never know when you might like to make some bread or bake a cake. So I put some shelving in my little building outside and put all my kitchen goodies out there. Now I have lots of room in my cabinets for those things I use daily and I did not have to get rid of the things that I enjoy using on occasion.

Saturday afternoon, my girlfriend came over and we did a little scrapbooking for the first time since our retreat in mid May. That too is very rare for me. I usually try to do some sort of paper craft at least once a week. Lately though, I have been spending more time outdoors, than indoors. Just enjoying my family and the weather before it gets too hot. I think this weekend proved to be the beginning of getting too hot. So spending the afternoon inside the cool house and scrapbooking with a friend was just the perfect thing to do on a hot Saturday afternoon. I wanted to work on a challenge that another friend put forth. The challenge was to complete a couple of sketches from our favorite sketch sites. One was from 52sketches52weeks and the other was from Mojo Monday. I knew there was no way I could get both challenges done, so I picked doing the 52sketches52weeks, sketch #22 and #23. I am trying very hard to concentrate on my scrapbooking these days cause I have so many pictures. I love card making, and I really love Mojo Monday, but for now, I need to stay focused on getting pages done so I can put a book together for my Son and Daughter. So with all that said, here is my take on the sketches. This is of my Son when he was only 4 weeks old. As I have mentioned many times before, he is 21, almost 22. Yes, I am way behind, but catching up quickly. My hopes are to have a scrapbook for him by the end of this year.

I really did not change anything about these sketches as I loved them just as they are, and they worked great with these photos. I am very spoiled now and not sure how I would even go about creating a page without a sketch to follow. There are many sketch sites out there now and I am so grateful for all the sketch artist and the talents that they share to the Internet world. Thank you so much!!! I would still be looking for my MoJo if it were not for these great sites 52sketches52weeks,Lets Scrap, Pencil Lines, P Hutch Sketches, and Page Maps. I bow at your Talents!!!

Today, my husband worked on our little Camper (aka Raggedy Annie) She is coming along quite nicely. We now have a completely sealed roof, no leaks thank goodness, since it came a huge storm last week. We also have electricity now. I was very excited to see lights. We also have a new frig. My dad found us a brand new one at a garage sale for half the price. That was so cool. Anyway, my husband said she will be ready for camping by the fall. I am getting so excited. He is planning to work on the air conditioning, build a new table that turns into a bed, replace the counter top, fix the stove, and get the water working. Then we will put in new flooring and give her a fresh coat of paint. Once all that is done, I will clean everything and make curtains and covers for windows and cushions. We did spend some time along the way talking about the decorating part and my first idea was to decorate in all Raggedy Annie stuff. However, since my husband has put so much time into refurbishing her and is as excited as I am about taking her to the lake, I thought I would just decorate her in maybe a camping/fishing outdoor theme for now. She will be Raggedy Annie in my heart and perhaps one day, I will make her my own. For now, I will be fare and share and not make my husband suffer with more Raggedy Ann decor!!! Here are some updated photos of her progress thus far.
More pictures to come!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pink Lemonade

My most favorite summer drink is Pink Lemonade. For some reason it always taste best on a hot summer day. Today being one of those days. Here is a very easy and quick way to make really great tasting
Pink Lemonade.

1 can of Minute Maid Lemonade

1 can of Bacardi Strawberry Daiquiri Mix

7 cans of water
Mix all together till dissolved and enjoy over ice!!!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Sweet and Sassy!!! Mostly Sweet!!!

Baby girl got a hair cut. We tried to let her hair grow out long, but her hair is so thick that all it wanted to do was knot up underneath. She cried every time we brushed it. So she and I both agreed that a hair cut would be the solution to a real ratty and painful problem. Besides summer is here and a short cut would be so much cooler.

I really wish I looked this cute with short hair.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Small, but tasty!!

My first tomato's. I actually had 3, but ate one before I got my camera. Very tasty, but I have to admit that I am a little disappointed that I purchased 3 salad size tomato plants. The man at the garden center assured me that the ones I bought were big yellow tomato's. I actually found someone that knows less about tomato's than I do. I would like to be so bold to take these little mators up to him and tell him how wrong he was. Instead I will not say anything, learn from my experience, and appreciate the fruits of my labor no matter how small they might be. I still have 3 other plants that I got from one of my husbands friends. I am hoping the mators on those will produce bigger ones for me some homemade salsa and yummy sandwiches. I have a few on the plants, but not sure what the size will be yet. They do appear to look bigger already than these in the picture. I really cannot see me slicing these up and putting them on a sandwich. However, a girl must do what a girl must do. Notice the bolts in the picnic table. That will help you to get a idea of the size of these really big yellow tomato's (NOT). They are about the size of a grape.
My only other concern is that my leaves are turning yellow. This is very new to me. I have never had yellow leaves this soon in the growing season. Usually that does not happen till the end of the season. I have searched on the net for info and it really could be a lot of reasons.
1. too much water
2. not enough water
3. need some miracle grow
4. blithe
I have picked most of the yellow leaves off today and tomorrow I will go purchase some miracle grow. Maybe that will help. Otherwise, I have no clue and can just hope for the best.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Happy Anniversary

To hubby and me!!! Today was our 26th Wedding Anniversary. Really we did not feel like doing a whole lot today. We went back and forth with ideas and started sounding like the cute little English Vultures in the movie Jungle Book. You know the ones that sit on the limb and say "What you wanna do?" "I don't know, what you wanna do?" "I don't know, what you wanna do?" Oh no, don't start that again!". I remember laughing so hard at those little birds. Anyway, he took off work and we went out to lunch at Shogun. That is really a great place to eat. The entertainment is great and the food is just supurb!!! So then we went to Lowe's and did some price checking on a few things for our camper. Once back out of the store, it was heating up a bit, so we came home to cool off. It got just a little hot today and neither of us felt like being in the heat. Later we went for snow cones and tonight we fixed some hamburgers on the grill and now we are both fat and happy on our laptops. We did discuss going to see the movie "UP" but neither of us have moved on the idea. We just keep sitting here watching time go by. LOL!!!
Really as long as we are together, it really makes no difference what we do. I love that he took the day off from work to spend with me and baby girl. It was a perfect, relaxing anniversary day.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Mator Update

Just a quick update. I have 17 itty bitty mators on the plant that is in the ground (see picture in previous post) and 9 on one of the plants I potted. The others have lots of blooms and a few mators. So maybe I will have a great crop yet. It really helped to move them in the Sun. I can see the difference in their growth. Happy Monday!!!