Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Wonderful Day!!!

What a wonderful day at Church. Our music, message, family and friends, and Baptism experience was so special. Yes I said Baptism. My baby girl was Baptized today!!! We are newly members of our church and have not yet had the opportunity to witness their way of Baptism. The Church built a new sanctuary a few years back, but because of the cost of building a Baptistery, they decided just to continue to use the one in the older building for now. There plans are to eventually build even a bigger sanctuary in a few years, and so they are waiting till then to build a new Baptistery. Anyway, they rent out the older building to a Christan Hispanic church family. So today, baby girl was baptized after our service and during the beginning of their service. At first it was a little uncomfortable coming into their service mostly cause it was something new and different and it felt like we were intruding in their service. Once I settled into my seat, I took a moment to look around and reflect on the moment. My family and friends present, thinking about the special event that was about to take place with my little girl, thinking about the familiar sound of the music, and feeling the presence of the Lord. I just started feeling emotions rise within myself and all that once was feeling uncomfortable and overwhelming, became very comfortable and familiar. Once baby girl stepped into the water, my cup runnith over litterly!!! I could hardly take the pictures. I really felt very blessed to be there with these God loving people, and sharing this most awesome moment with all that was present. 6 young people professed their love of God today through Baptism. "Thank you Jesus for allowing me to step outside of my "Church Traditions" and experience a new one today". I learned that no matter the difference in cultures, no matter the church, or traditions, no matter the language, you love us all, and we all love you!!! AMEN!!!
Kadie was thrilled with the experience and I know she will keep it all very close to her heart forever!!! She is now a new baby in Christ and has much to learn in her new journey!!! Here are some pictures of her.


Anonymous said...

Truely Amazing Grace! So glad we could witness your Baptism Kadie. Loved sharing this profession of your belief in our Savior Jesus Christ, God the Father, and the Holy Spirit that now lives in you. It will be so exciting watching and being a part of your growth and learning about God's promises and his wisdom!

Always seek to think, act, and do as you believe Jesus would; this will always be pleasing and joyful to God, your loved ones, and you. We are so proud of you and thankful that you have joined the family of God and will now and always be "Our Little Sister Kadie Ann"

Love & Prayers,
Shelley, Ron, Aaron, & Breanna

elizabeth said...

Aww...she looks like such an angel in that picture!