Monday, May 04, 2009

Sketch #17

From 52sketches52weeks. I am not certain I made the deadline. I realized after I uploaded my layout, their time is different from my time. They are Eastern and I am Central. I think that means they are a hour ahead of me. I think I uploaded my layout at 10:30p.m. If that is true, than perhaps I made it. If not, well, sigh"Oh well" I tried. I am very happy I did get it done though. I still have a second page to do, but ran into a problem. I only have 2 small pictures and they would be lost on a 12x12 page. I had a 3rd picture, but not sure where it got off too. Must figure out how to make the small pictures bigger!!! Any ideas, that do not involve copyright laws?? They get a little snippy if you try to sneak them through the scanners at the store. Do the photographers keep copies 21 years later?? I doubt it, but still they want let you scan them. UGGG!!! Maybe if I mix them amongst a bunch others, they want even notice. LOL!!! Its happened before!! I think the trick is to catch them when they are very busy!! Ok, so here is my page from a very awesome and fun sketch. You can view the sketch on the website 52sketches52weeks. Just look for #17 sketch. #18 is already out and I am ready to get started. I have a entire week to get it done. YIPPY!!!

This is my son whom is now 21. So you can see just how far behind I am on my scrapbooking. Most of the layouts I have planned for the next few weeks will be of him. My DD is going to have to wait a while before I can get back to her. I must get some of his pictures on pages. I used my Cricut Home Accents Cartridge and Plantin Schoolhouse. The paper is Cloud9Design by Fiskers. The striped is Travel Stripe and the little frog and flower in the corners are from the Baby Boy Collection. You will be able to see more of it once I get the second page done. Its adorable paper and I wish I had more!!

This week I will be home most of the week. The Health Dept. shut down our pool here in town because of Swine Flu. I am very grateful they are looking out for our best interest, but I am very sad to not be able to go swimming for a entire week or maybe even more if they do not get this stuff under control. I was just getting in the groove of going and my DD and I have actually made some great progress. So I will be home all week(sniffle, sniffle). I plan to disinfect my entire house this week. I figure if I can get things around here super clean and germ free and keep it that way, hopefully we want get sick. I know DD and I plan to do our part by staying at home as much as we can. We just have to hope my husband and Son do not catch it. They work for the City Water and Sewer dept. and deal with the public every day and work amongst a large amount of employees. I will be worried about them bringing it home!! I must remember that God is in control!!! Anyways, I hope to get lots of scrapbooking pages preplanned for my upcoming retreat in 2 weeks. Maybe its good I have to stay home this week. Stay tune for more scrapbooking, cards and maybe some sweet recipes!!!

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