Thursday, May 21, 2009

Scrapbooking with sketches

Hidy Ho, I am finally getting the chance to blog my retreat weekend. What a grand time we all had. I actually got a few layouts done in between our trips to the bakery, the scrapbook store, the quilt shop, Walmart, and eating dinner out. I preplanned 10 layouts, I got 4 completed, and 1 more almost done. Now I know to some of you, that does not sound like a lot in 2 days, but for me, that is a lot. I am one to take forever doing a layout. Everything just has to be perfect. Yes, I am a perfectionist to some degree. Its a sad sickness, which causes me to be very slow at EVERYTHING I do. Anyways, thats a subject for a different day. Right now I want to share the 4 layouts I did. First I used sketches that I found on 52sketches52weeks. I am totally in love with these sketches. They make scrapbooking so super easy its just ridiculous. I love to do 2 page layouts. It is just very hard for me to do a 1 page layout. I want both sides of the page to match. With 52sketches52weeks all the sketch's are 1 page sketches. So what I did was I took 2 different sketches that were similar, and made my 2 page layouts. I almost used all the previous sketch's to do this and I kept them pretty true to the sketch. Some minor changes to fit the photos. They really did work well together. So as you look at the pictures of my layouts, notice the different sketches for each page and how well they worked together. Totally awesome!!!

Check back later for the 5th layout that I have not completed yet. Hopefully I will get around to it this weekend. I also hope to do a few cards using the Mojo Monday. I have gotten a few weeks behind on them. TTFN

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Karen said...

Girl in my book that is 8 Layouts!!! 4 - 2 page spreads. Rocking the Retreat!