Friday, May 01, 2009

52 Sketches in 52 Days!!!

Happy Friday!! Yes, I know for most of you, its over already, but I am still up doing my thing and so it still is Friday to me. I have been busy as a bee this past week doing some much needed spring cleaning to my house. After I finished today, we went swimming, did some baking, and now I am scrapbooking. Yes you heard me right!! I actually am scrapbooking as I type this message. Just taking a break for a minute. I am so thrilled. Its something that has been bugging me for a long time. Not having the desire to scrapbook. I use to love scrapbooking and then I am not sure what happen. I just lost my Scrapbook MoJo somewhere during the past few years!!! I think I got caught up in all the shopping, collecting, and perhaps too many other hobbies(shhh, I did not just say that). Well yesterday while taking a break from house cleaning, I did a little blogging. I was actually looking at some other card sketch blogs. I then started going from one blog to another. While doing so, I made the most awesome discovery. I could hardly contain myself. I wanted to break out all of my scrapbook stuff and scrapbook right then and there. Instead, I bookmarked it to come back later when I had more time. This particular site got me so excited. Here is why?? As you know from previous post, I love, love MoJo Monday sketches. They make cardmaking soooo easy because they take half the thinking away. All you need is paper and stamps. The idea is already there for you. I just totally love making a card using sketches and I love the challenge each week. Well guess what?? I found a site that offers weekly challenges doing the same thing as MoJo Monday ,but with scrapbook pages. Is that not the best thing in all the scrapbook land!!! I know I am so excited. I knew the minute I saw this site, this is exactly what I need to get my scrapbook MoJo back. It was all I could do to wait till today to start. I even lay in bed last night thinking about it. It took forever to fall asleep. I knew though I needed to finish up my cleaning and a few other things I had started, or like most things in my life, I would never finish. So once I gotter all done, I was able to sit down and play today. I went on this afternoon and just started with sketch #1 and created a 2 page layout. I followed the examply pretty closely as I loved it so much. AWWWW!!! It felt so good to actually scrapbook and it was wonderful to have a really good sketch and example to follow. I know there are lots of great page sketch sites out there in Internet land, but to me, I have not found one that was as easy to follow as this site seems to be. I love the ideas that are given with each sketch. I am so visual and really need that kind of help. I love the weekly challenge AND great prizes!!! Is that not awesome!!! Ok, so here is the site........Drum Roll............ 52sketches52weeks The thought of actually doing 52 scrapbook pages is almost more than my mind can even grasp!!! I know that the site is already on Day 17, but I am ready to jump in and perhaps I will be able to back track and do the 16 I have missed. Today was a great start to that goal. Here is my very first sketch from this site. I loved it!!! It was so much fun and I got to use a lot of my tools. On these pages I used my Cricut with Base camp and Accent Essentials cartridge. Now, I think what I plan to do is take the scraps from my pages and do my MoJo Monday card. I really do not want to give up my card sketches, but I am defiantly going to do some major focusing on my scrapbooking, paper and digital.


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Amazing layout Lady!