Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

A very awesome weekend with family and friends. It first started on Friday night where I went to my friends house to make cards. We had the best time making cards using the MoJo Monday Sketches from this past week. She had not seen this site yet, and so was very excited to know about it. She ended up making about 8 cards using the sketches I had brought with me. Here are my 2 cards I made. I never did get a chance to enter any of them in the MoJo Monday contest. I just had too busy of a weekend. So maybe next time!!!

So then on Saturday, we met some friends at the "Going Bonkers". While the kiddos played, we gathered in the sound proof adult room and enjoyed Starbucks and Canasta, a very fun card game. We were there for 3 hours. Time just flew by. Everyone had a great time, especially the kiddos. We then drove back to Denton and met some other friends and family for a very nice dinner at our favorite restaurant. Always great fun when we do these sort of things together with friends!!!
After dinner hubby and I decided to go look for baby girl a Easter outfit. I had originally planned up until the moment we decided to do this, not to spend the money this year on new outfit, and let her wear something she already had. Well I just could not do it. She always has something new to wear to church for Easter. Its just a tradition to go shopping for her. Nana always made sure her sweet grand girl had something cute to wear to church for this special Easter day. We always went shopping for her every year and Nana always bought the outfit. So I really needed to keep this up, since Nana was no longer here to do it. So here she is posing in her new Easter outfit that she picked out. Nana would be so proud of her choice!! Since it was a bit chilly outside, we thought it was best to go with something that had leggings. This was perfect!!! Check out the new shoes. They have bling!!! Sunday, we got up for church. On the way there my DD said she wanted to be Baptised. I was surprised of her decision. She had received Christ into her heart a while back, but she was scared of going up in front of everyone for the Baptism. So I had told her when she was ready, she could let me know. It was not something she had to rush and do. God would let her know when it was time. So yesterday she let me know that she was ready. During the calling at the end of Service, we went up as a family with her, so that she could tell the Pastor of her decision. While we were up there, we decided that it was the perfect time to join the church. We had been visiting with this church for a while, and decided this was the perfect time to make the commitment to join. So it was a very exciting day at Church. It really is good to finally have a place to call home again. We have been wondering about the lands for about 4 years after we left our last Church. Just waiting for God to point us in the right direction. He finally did and I am very thrilled. Now its time to bond with the people. Next Sunday evening we will join one of the cell groups at the Church. This was not something I wanted to do when I first heard about it, but after talking with one of the ladies in our Sunday School class, I am now excited to go. It will be the best way to get to know people in the church. It really is amazing at how God can change your attitude if you just allow him to. I am one that always trys to stay in control of my life, rather than allowing God to lead. I really do think I should let him be in control more often. He really does do a better job than me.
After the service, we joined in the indoor Easter egg hunt since it was raining. Kadie ended up with a bag full of eggs. The kids did not seem to mind that they had to hunt eggs indoors. They were just running all over the building. It was fun to watch!!! We then went out for lunch and then we went to the dollar show and saw two really great movies. "Hotel for Dogs" and "Push". Really had a fabulous day. I had not had any thoughts, ideas, or expectations on how the day was going to be. A long time ago we would go to church, actually had a home cooked lunch, egg hunt, and spent the day with our families. Now that my brother is divorced, and my MIL has passed, there is just no expectations of the day any more. Last year we spent it with friends, this year we just did our own little family day. I guess its time to start our own Easter traditions. Not sure what next year will bring, but I know this was a great Easter!!! Thank you! Thank you! Jesus for all that you did for us and I praise you always!!! I love you!!!


Lovin Hello Kitty said...

That outfit looks so cute on her and I love the bling on her shoes! It really is what everyone is wearing these days. Thought about trying one of those dresses on then thought again! haha...

Anonymous said...

Kadie, you are such a doll!! Love, love, love the outfit and the little lady inside it too!!