Saturday, April 25, 2009

MoJo #83

Ok, this is going to be a quick post, cause I am totally exhausted from my day. Busy, busy, but extremely fun day!!! Soooo, I promised you MoJo cards, and here they are. I actually had some time to work on these last night. This was a very easy and cute sketch, but at the same time it was hard for me. I could not figure out what to put in my corner. Perhaps I was just not feeling my MoJo or making it harder than it should have been!!! So I made one card and thought "hmmm" then I made a second card and thought "hmmm" again. So with 2 "hmmm's" its time to move on!!! Maybe next week will be better!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Busy days ahead!!!

Good and bad habits are really hard to break sometimes. I would never admit that scrapbooking, cardmaking, emailing, and even blogging are bad habits, but I certainly have allowed them to take up way to much of my thoughts and time lately. I get on my computer and suddenly my entire day is gone. Mostly hitting the send/recieve button on my email, only to find out that there is no email. What I decided is that I must be the only one out there that does that since I rarely get any email these days of any importance. LOL!!! Everyone tells me they are just so busy and do not have any time to do send or recieve email. I just have had a hard time grasping that statement, since I check mine every 5 minutes LOL!!! I guess its possible though to be too busy for emailing. What I really guess is that I really do need a life, so that I am not sitting around guessing so much, or even thinking about why they would be too busy to do email. LOL!!!!! The insanity of it all!!! So my DD and I have decided to get out of the house and fill our days lately with lots of stuff so that I want be spending time pondering these crazy thoughts. We have been trying to finish up the last of our homeschooling books before summer gets here. We have been going swimming almost every day the last 2 weeks. We have been meeting friends in the park. This week we have been jumping on her new early Birthday trampoline. I have been doing some scrapbooking with friends. As for the future weeks, they are looking pretty busy. We have lots of plans for us to do some scrapbooking together. She has been showing some interest lately. I just need to get my pictures out and in order for us to start. We have several end of year homeschool field trips planned, I have a scrapbook retreat coming up and a weekend crop planned. We have playtime in the park planned with friends, and hopefully be able to fit in some fishing and family camping before it gets too hot. So if you come to my blog and it seems I have not posted in a while, you will know why. That only means I finally got a life outside of my computer and email!!! I will try to at least blog 1 time a week and hopefully share my MOJO Monday card and whatever else I might be up too so you want think I fell off the face of the earth. I do not plan to give my computer time up completely, just cut way back for a while and do other things. At least for the summer anyway. Winter when its cold and icky, whats a girl to do!!!
Here are pics of DD's new Trampoline. Let me tell you, if you want to know your real age, climb up on one of these babies. They tell no lies!!!

And then they all fall down!!! After this and swimming for 2 hours, my tired, old body is moving a bit slower today!!!

Check back later for my MoJo card. I do plan to getter done before the weeks end. Until we meet again,

Good night, sleep tight, and pleasant dreams to you Here's a wish, and prayer that every dream comes true. And though it's always sweet sorrow to part. I know you'll always remain in my heart. Good night, sleep tight, and pleasant dreams to you. Here's a wish, and a prayer that every dream comes true. And now 'til we meet again, Adios, au revior, auf weidersehen.....Good Night!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

MoJo #82

Here are my MoJo cards for this weeks sketch. I did 2 cards using the same awesome sketch. The only difference on the cards was the colors of the card stock. I really loved this sketch this time. It was easy and fun.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

A very awesome weekend with family and friends. It first started on Friday night where I went to my friends house to make cards. We had the best time making cards using the MoJo Monday Sketches from this past week. She had not seen this site yet, and so was very excited to know about it. She ended up making about 8 cards using the sketches I had brought with me. Here are my 2 cards I made. I never did get a chance to enter any of them in the MoJo Monday contest. I just had too busy of a weekend. So maybe next time!!!

So then on Saturday, we met some friends at the "Going Bonkers". While the kiddos played, we gathered in the sound proof adult room and enjoyed Starbucks and Canasta, a very fun card game. We were there for 3 hours. Time just flew by. Everyone had a great time, especially the kiddos. We then drove back to Denton and met some other friends and family for a very nice dinner at our favorite restaurant. Always great fun when we do these sort of things together with friends!!!
After dinner hubby and I decided to go look for baby girl a Easter outfit. I had originally planned up until the moment we decided to do this, not to spend the money this year on new outfit, and let her wear something she already had. Well I just could not do it. She always has something new to wear to church for Easter. Its just a tradition to go shopping for her. Nana always made sure her sweet grand girl had something cute to wear to church for this special Easter day. We always went shopping for her every year and Nana always bought the outfit. So I really needed to keep this up, since Nana was no longer here to do it. So here she is posing in her new Easter outfit that she picked out. Nana would be so proud of her choice!! Since it was a bit chilly outside, we thought it was best to go with something that had leggings. This was perfect!!! Check out the new shoes. They have bling!!! Sunday, we got up for church. On the way there my DD said she wanted to be Baptised. I was surprised of her decision. She had received Christ into her heart a while back, but she was scared of going up in front of everyone for the Baptism. So I had told her when she was ready, she could let me know. It was not something she had to rush and do. God would let her know when it was time. So yesterday she let me know that she was ready. During the calling at the end of Service, we went up as a family with her, so that she could tell the Pastor of her decision. While we were up there, we decided that it was the perfect time to join the church. We had been visiting with this church for a while, and decided this was the perfect time to make the commitment to join. So it was a very exciting day at Church. It really is good to finally have a place to call home again. We have been wondering about the lands for about 4 years after we left our last Church. Just waiting for God to point us in the right direction. He finally did and I am very thrilled. Now its time to bond with the people. Next Sunday evening we will join one of the cell groups at the Church. This was not something I wanted to do when I first heard about it, but after talking with one of the ladies in our Sunday School class, I am now excited to go. It will be the best way to get to know people in the church. It really is amazing at how God can change your attitude if you just allow him to. I am one that always trys to stay in control of my life, rather than allowing God to lead. I really do think I should let him be in control more often. He really does do a better job than me.
After the service, we joined in the indoor Easter egg hunt since it was raining. Kadie ended up with a bag full of eggs. The kids did not seem to mind that they had to hunt eggs indoors. They were just running all over the building. It was fun to watch!!! We then went out for lunch and then we went to the dollar show and saw two really great movies. "Hotel for Dogs" and "Push". Really had a fabulous day. I had not had any thoughts, ideas, or expectations on how the day was going to be. A long time ago we would go to church, actually had a home cooked lunch, egg hunt, and spent the day with our families. Now that my brother is divorced, and my MIL has passed, there is just no expectations of the day any more. Last year we spent it with friends, this year we just did our own little family day. I guess its time to start our own Easter traditions. Not sure what next year will bring, but I know this was a great Easter!!! Thank you! Thank you! Jesus for all that you did for us and I praise you always!!! I love you!!!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

MoJo Monday #81

I got my MoJo Monday card made for this week. At first glance I thought I would probably skip this week, but then I changed my mind, and gave it a try, and it was not as hard as I had first thought. I think it turned out ok!!! Not a contest winner, but its ok!! I have a few other stamps that I would like to try with this sketch, and see if I can love them better, and maybe they will be more worthy of a contest. So check back for more cards!!!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Good Ole Southern Comfort!!!

Tonight for dinner, I decided to feed my family some good Ole Southern Chicken Fried Chicken!!! This is a type of food that I have been eating for about 26 years. My first introduction to Chicken Fried Chicken, was the first time I ate at my husbands home. His mother was the queen of Chicken Fried Chicken, Steak, and Pork Chops. I think that first year, I gained about 30 pounds eating at her house. I had grew up eating Fried Chicken, almost weekly, but never ate Chicken Fried Chicken, till I met my husband. I love chicken just about any way you fix it, but this has to be my most favorite way of all!! I do not have a special recipe to share with you. My MIL taught me to just beat about 6 eggs in a bowl with about 1/2 to 1 cup of milk, salt, and pepper. I first rinse my chicken breast under cool water. Then beat the chicken under wax paper to tenderize it some. Then I pour flour, salt, and pepper into a large baggie. I put my chicken into the bag and shake it around until completely coated. I take it out and put it into the egg mixture, completely coating it again. I then put it back into the baggie and shake it around once more. Sometimes I add more flour to the bag if needed. Then I put each piece into hot grease and fry it till brown on both sides, and juice runs clear when poked with a fork. Careful turning the chicken so that you do not knock off the goodness that surrounds it!! I serve my Chicken Fried Chicken with white gravy, mashed potatoes, and a veggie, just like my MIL. I usually buy my gravy in a package, as I have no clue how to make White gravy. The best place to purchase it is at Drug Emporium, shared from my MIL. They have a Saw Mill Gravy that is so wonderful.
Maybe that is something I should try to do sometime. Make my own White gravy. I mean how hard could it be!! Here is a picture of my Chicken Fried Chicken dinner. Give it a try sometime. You will love it!!!
Beware, this meal can make for a very messy kitchen!!!

Same Sketch, Different Card

Ok, so here is the same sketch, but with a different stamp and papers. I made this card for a Friend!!! Hope she likes it!!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Same card, different color

Ok, here to post another card. Its the same stamp and same sketch, but matted with a darker blue rather than a green. Just playing around with color right now.