Monday, March 23, 2009

Something about Me!!!

Happy Monday!!! Today I am feeling a little out of sort!! I think its the pollen in the air. This weekend we had all sorts of greenish stuff flying in the air. My car is covered with it. So I think this is the reason I am not feeling my best.

So I do not have a lot to share today in the usual way, so I thought I would share something in the unusual way. Something about me that perhaps some of you do not know. So here goes...

So what is your favorite hard or soft candy???

I am a candy addict!!! I love all sorts of hard and soft candy. Hard candies being my favorite of all. If I were to start listing them, I would probably be here a while. Candy is just something I have loved since my childhood and something I refuse to give up as a adult. So I will just list one of my most favorite hard candies.

Smarties!!! Yep that's right. I love Smarties.

Usually, I just buy the little bag, but yesterday, I found this bag at Walmart. and its a assorted flavor bag. There is Hawaiian Tropical,Xtreme Sour, Original, Bubblegum, and Candy Money. I just could not pass it up. The Xtreme Sour is of course my favorite. cause I love anything sour. It will probably take me a while to eat this bag since it is a 2.5 pound bag. The trick is to stash some in your purse, some in candy jars all around the house. That way you are never without a Smartie when you need one. Now you know my favorite kind of hard candy. Are you surprised!!!

This week I will be working on my Recipe Swap page, Cookie as our catagory, and of course I will be doing the MoJo Monday card. It looks like a pretty easy sketch this time, so maybe I can make more than 2 to add to my card stash. I will also be trying a new recipe. I have not found one yet to try, but be assured, I will find one. So check back during the week and see what I come up with. TTFN

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