Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fun Stamp class

Hidy Ho Blogger Friends, I wanted to share a few things with you that I made at a stamp class I went to last night. This month was a beginners type class, but even though I am not really a beginner, I still learned some really cool techniques. This time I learned that I can take my chalks and my blending pens and color my stamp images. I loved it!!! So easy and I love the idea of using my chalks that I have not used in so long.

We also used another way to color and that was using some kind of wax water base coloring pencils (waiting for email to tell me the name). I will have to get back with you once I know, but they were awesome. We just used our little water brushes and dabbed them onto the wax pencil and then colored our image. Easy Peasy!!! I love Easy Peasy!!!
Here are the cards..... This card is using the Wax water base colors. I also loved using the stamp border on this card. On this card we used some shimmer powder on the clovers. That was very cool, but I have to admit that I did a horrible job on this card. The one she made was much cuter than mine!!! Its all about stamping those images in the right place to create your background. Not one of my best stamp jobs!!! This card we used the chalk with the blending pens. Loved it!!! I cannot wait to get out my chalks now and play. Loved the little cup cake which is a Angel Company stamp set.

Now this next project was our surprise project for the night. This was taught by one of our very, very experienced, sweet, creative, artsy fartsy ladies Sam, which is in our Red Hot Angel stamp group. She is so awesome and a pure joy to be around. When I grow up, I want to be just like her.

This is a Artsy Paper doll and of course I name her Sambo!!! after Sam of course. Apparently they are the rave of all the art world, which is a world away from me. Yes its true, I am cutsy stamper and not a artsy stamper. However, I still had the best time creating my doll. Sam had several she had made for demos and I loved them all. I could just totally see these hanging all around my scrapbook room. The best part about these little dolls is that you just use whatever you have laying around. Scrap papers, stamps, ribbons, beads ect... She had gathered up a lot of this and that and we just dug through and put our dolls together. I used one of her demos that I really loved to make mine. You can add a face or not. I decided to leave my face blank. Is this not the cutest little project ever!!! Something totally out of my box. It really does test your creativity. I used a square coaster, some fancy yarn border, Popsicle sticks, brads, and scrap paper. Just love this little doll. I can totally see my little girl and myself making these and having the best time ever!!!

Well thats it for now. I am going to work on MoJo Monday sketch. You should head over there and challenge yourself to do a card with the sketch. It really is cute this week. Also I will be working on my recipe page for our swap. We are doing Side Dishes. Check back later to see what I come up with. Happy Stamping!!!


elizabeth said...

WOW - some really beautiful coloring on those cards! Too cool that you learned some new techniques.

And I do actually like the doll! It kind of surprises me that I like it so much since I'm way more cutesy than artsy as well.

Kathy said...

I really like your blog! Come on over and visit mine at Craftola! I', havine giveaways this week...I'll be back! :>)