Tuesday, March 31, 2009

MoJo Monday #80

Well this week I am actually a little early getting my MoJo Monday card made. I had some free time today to work on it!! Now how do I feel about this sketch?? Well I think its alright. I do love layers, but sometimes have a hard time working with them. This card really challenged me on my layers. I think all in all, it turned out pretty good. I made this particular card for my Senior friend. Her birthday is this month. I think she will really love it!!
Now I will go and see what else I can do with this sketch. Maybe I will have another card or 2 to share later in the week. Happy Card Making!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mini Meatloaves

Tonight for dinner I fixed Meatloaf. Not just any plain ole Meatloaf, although I love plan ole Meatloaf, but a Meatloaf with a Italian kick to it. I found the recipe on Better Homes and Garden . I sometimes find really good recipes on their website. Anyways, click on the link to get the recipe ingredients and instructions. Its a very good Meatloaf. It taste more like a big chunk of Meatball. I was thinking if I had any leftovers, I would add it to spaghetti, but when I went in the kitchen to put the leftovers away, there was not enough for spaghetti. So I guess my family liked this type of Meatloaf. LOL!!! I highly recommend it if you are looking for something a little different. For my side dishes, I made green beans and Rosemary Cheese Potatoes. I just made the potato recipe up. Just red potatoes, rosemary seasoning, butter, and cheese. I topped it with sour cream. My husband thought they were the best ever. Here are photos below to get your taste buds a going.
Before I put it in the oven. I totally love my Pampered Chef Mini Loaf Stone. This is the first time I have made Meatloaf. I usually use it for bread.
After it was cooked!!! The whole house smelled so good while this was cooking. It nearly drove my family crazy having to wait for it to get done.
Here it is all served up with the potatoes and green beans. Very, very good. I do believe this is a keeper!!! Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pink Cookies with Sprinkles Recipe Page Swap

Last night I baked my cookies for the recipe page swap. They turned out to be very yummy cookies. Even my Son raved on about how good they were and he really is not a big sweet eater at all. So I figure with that kind of praise, I must go with this recipe. I thought they turned out to be the perfect cookies for my page swap. Ok, so every recipe has its trial and errors. Good thing for you, I worked them out already. With these cookies, the key is not to over bake them. When you Do not over bake them, you get a cake like softness. Kind of like the ones you buy at Walmart, which by the way are my favorite cookies in all the land. So you do not want them to look like this
or you will have the perfect doggie biscuits. What you want, is to take them out of the oven when they do look like this You want them to still be white and very soft to the touch. It took me several batches before I figured this little tidbit out. I found this cookie recipe at Kimmie's blog. So go on over to her little home on the web and jot it down and give it a try and remember NOT to over bake them . I do think these cookies would be the perfect cookie for a Spring Tea Party or Easter Celebration.

As for the little page I created, I used a clip art image from a book called Cut & Copy by Dianne J. Hook. I have had this book since the beginning of my Scrapbook time, so I am not even sure its still out there for purchase.

Friday, March 27, 2009

MoJo Monday Card Sketch #79

Wowsa, what a week. My Internet has been down for 2 days. I felt so lost!!! I ended up spending my spare time doing some spring cleaning to my house and organizing things in my scrapbook room. I have this big box of scrap paper that I have been building upon for many years. So I got it out and separated all the card stock colors into baggies. That was a job, but well worth the time to do. I had lots of good paper pieces that I can now use. Its something I have wanted to do for a while. It feels good to get those kinds of things done. So I guess really it was a good thing to have no Internet. I got lots accomplished elsewhere. Now I did stop to have a little fun along the way. Last night I finished my Mojo Monday card. I think that this one is my most favorite of all that I have done recently. I got this little stamp set from Clear Dollar Stamp a while back. I just totally love this little Owl. Now I can see why Owls are so popular. He is a cutie pie. Very happy with this card. It might be hard to tell, but he has stickles on the white area of his body. Also I stickles the leaves and popped up the little pink flowers. I used a example I found in the Clear Dollar Stamps Gallery. I was not sure how to use the pieces to the set, so I had to go hunting for ideas. The stamp set comes with tree branches, leaves, flowers, 2 sizes of Owls, and wings. You just kind of put it together as you need to use it. Once I found the idea, it was easy to figure out. Anyway, its one of those cards that you can appreciate better in person. Even my husband liked it. Most times he just says "Cool", but this time he said it was very cute. He liked the big eyes on the Owl. This will definitely be a card that I make again. Thank you Moj0 Monday for the great sketch!!! Totally Awesome and fun!!! So now I am off to make more of this card and maybe create another idea with this sketch!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Something about Me!!!

Happy Monday!!! Today I am feeling a little out of sort!! I think its the pollen in the air. This weekend we had all sorts of greenish stuff flying in the air. My car is covered with it. So I think this is the reason I am not feeling my best.

So I do not have a lot to share today in the usual way, so I thought I would share something in the unusual way. Something about me that perhaps some of you do not know. So here goes...

So what is your favorite hard or soft candy???

I am a candy addict!!! I love all sorts of hard and soft candy. Hard candies being my favorite of all. If I were to start listing them, I would probably be here a while. Candy is just something I have loved since my childhood and something I refuse to give up as a adult. So I will just list one of my most favorite hard candies.

Smarties!!! Yep that's right. I love Smarties.

Usually, I just buy the little bag, but yesterday, I found this bag at Walmart. and its a assorted flavor bag. There is Hawaiian Tropical,Xtreme Sour, Original, Bubblegum, and Candy Money. I just could not pass it up. The Xtreme Sour is of course my favorite. cause I love anything sour. It will probably take me a while to eat this bag since it is a 2.5 pound bag. The trick is to stash some in your purse, some in candy jars all around the house. That way you are never without a Smartie when you need one. Now you know my favorite kind of hard candy. Are you surprised!!!

This week I will be working on my Recipe Swap page, Cookie as our catagory, and of course I will be doing the MoJo Monday card. It looks like a pretty easy sketch this time, so maybe I can make more than 2 to add to my card stash. I will also be trying a new recipe. I have not found one yet to try, but be assured, I will find one. So check back during the week and see what I come up with. TTFN

Friday, March 20, 2009

Recipe Try Outs!!

So this weeks recipes tryouts comes from Elizabeth's Cooking Experiments and Pioneer Woman. All I have to say is YUM, YUM!!! They were both wonderful.

First there was Spicy Chicken Legs, in my case, Spicy Chicken Quarters. They were on sale, so I went with them instead of just the leg. I figure more for the buck!!

I could not find the hot salt that she suggested to use, so I decided to add some Franks Red Hot sauce. I just gave about 5 big shakes into my butter/lemon mixture. It was the perfect amount of hot for my family. I love that stuff!!! Could eat it right out of the bottle!! This was probably some of the best baked chicken I have ever eaten. I added homemade Mac and Cheese using Velveeta and of course my garlic/butter green beans. This was not a low fat meal by no means, but it sure was good!!! Had lots of leftovers.

Last night I made the Baked Ziti, or again I used Penne Noodles, instead of Ziti. I could not find the Ziti in whole wheat, and I like my pasta with fiber. So Penne it was. I also could not find that special Mascarpone cheese she suggested, so I just used Ricotta. I looked up Mascarpone and it said it was in the same family as Ricotta, so I thought it would work just as good.

This recipe is wonderful. It defiantly became a family "KEEPER" It almost taste like Lasagna, but not quite as rich. I did add some extra cheese, cause my family loves cheese. I served this with Salad and Garlic Bread. Again, lots of left overs for the weekend.

Give these recipes a try. You want be sorry!! Your family will love them!!! Thank you ladies for sharing your yummy, to the tummy, recipes!!! Come back for more Recipe Try Outs!!!

Ultimate Blog Party 2009

Ultimate Blog Party 2009

Did you say Party!!! Ultimate Blog Party?? Girl, I love any kind of party!!! So sign me up on the dotted line!!! My name is Jeanie Beanie. I love my laptop and I really love blogging and this blog party thing sounds like ultimate fun. I love the video of the women sitting around the dining room table with their laptops and cupcakes. Now that is what I call the Ultimate party. My laptop and blogging are probably what I spend most of my time doing, when I am not digi/paper scrapbooking, papercrafting/stamp cardmaking, stitching, doll making, cooking, Being a Mom and homeschooling, wife of almost 26 years. Can you tell from the list that I am one to never get bored!!! Always doing and trying new things. You will be able to tell that once you read my blog. It is about my life in general. You never know what I might be doing next. So please come visit me and leave me some love on your way out!!! KISS, KISS, HUG, HUG!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

MoJo Monday Card Sketch #78

Ok, MoJo Monday cards are finished. At first glance I was not sure how I felt about this sketch, but after I finally started, I really liked the sketch very much, and had a lot of fun with it. As you can see, I had so much fun, I had to make 2 cards. These sketches sure do make me think outside my little box. I would have never thought to do these cards on my own. I love that about sketches.

Both stamp sets are retired sets from The Angel Company. I absolutely love the little Lion and was very sad when he retired. Anyways, had a great time and cannot wait for next weeks sketch!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Swedish Meatballs

So last night I made the Swedish Meatballs from Elizabeths Cooking Experiments. It took a while to prepare, much longer than 15 minutes, because you are first making the meatballs and then you are making the sauce. I think next time, I will make the meatballs ahead of time, and then all I will have to do is the sauce. That way I do not feel like I am in the kitchen forever. No matter what, the results were very satisfying, and the time it took was worth every bite. I wish I could make the picture look as good as the food taste. Elizabeth has a much better picture on the recipe page. Oh yea, and I added a little more Sherry and Worcestershire sauce than it called for and I doubled the recipe, cause I usually like to have enough leftover for the next day for lunch. However, the plate you see is the leftovers. So not to much worry of any going to waste. Very creamy, rich, and yummy to the tummy. I would defiantly call this comfort food. The entire family enjoyed it and so in our house when that happens, we call that a "KEEPER" Give it a try and let me know what you think. UMM, UMM, GOODNESS!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Cook At Home Adventure!!!

Ok, I finally got a chance to bake my Cowboy Beans and all I have to say is YUM,YUM!!! If you like BBQ Baked Beans, than you will love these. Instead of putting in the BBQ from a bottle, you are basically making your on BBQ sauce for your beans by adding the Ketchup, mustard, worcestershire sauce ect... Very good Beans for sure. Here is the recipe below.

Cowboy Beans

Pork and beans, 2 (18 oz) cans
Ketchup, 1 cup
Brown sugar, 1/4 to 1/2 cup
2 tablespoonsMustard,
1 tablespoon
Onion, 1/2 cup, finely chopped
JalapeƱo pepper, 1 teaspoon, pickled, finely chopped
Bacon, 2 strips raw

Saute onions and pepper together until tender and carmalized.
Mix all ingredients together except for the bacon. Pour into a two-quart casserole. Top with bacon. Bake at 350 for approximately one hour. Remove bacon and stir before serving. Serves 6-8.

I also gave a few other recipes a try over the week and totally thought they ROCKED!!!

Creamy Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas, which I got the recipe from ShabbyPrincess blog. I substitued the chicken, for beef, because my men love beef more. Other than that, I did the recipe to the exact, and it was soooo yummy!!! It made 2 and half pans and we ate it all weekend. I also made homemade Mexican Rice to go with it. I tried to make this years ago and it turned out so bad, that I have not been brave enough to do it again until now. I found this Mexican Rice recipe on Annie's Eats and after reading her post, decided to give it a try. It turned out wonderfully. So tender and tasty. It is definately going into my favorite recipes and she is right about it tasting like the resturants. I will admit that it takes some time to prepare, but it is worth every minute. Very good Mexican Rice.

As we, my family, have been forced to eat at home because of financial reasons, I will be searching and experimenting more with recipes I find in different places such as my own recipe books, internet, and magizines. My goal is to find inexpensive ways to cook, foods that my family loves, and not get bored of the same ole same ole, so we continue the desire to eat at home. So please come back and see what I discover in my new Cook at Home Adventure.
This weeks menu recipes are:
Swedish Meatballs
Baked Zita
Roast Beef Sandwiches with Beef Broth
Fish Tacos
Baked Chicken Thighs
Happy Monday everyone!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Recipe Page Swap "Side Dishes"

Oh my gosh, I just had the best time today creating my recipe page. You know I cannot come up with my own idea to save my soul, so I went scanning Split Coast and found this cute little idea by Kingscrown . Of course I did add a few different things to make it my own. The little cowboy and star stamp is from The Angel Company (borrowed from my friend Jimmie). I used stickles and brads for extra embellies. I printed the recipe and Wanted title on my computer using a western font. Inked, crinkled, and curled the edges to give it a old look. This was so much fun. I still have 9 more to go, but at least I have my sample made. Thank you Kingscrown for sharing your idea. It really does help us folks who have no brain of our own.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

MoJo Monday Card

Ok, first before I reveal my MoJo Monday card, I wanted to mention that the stamp class that I posted below in my Fun Stamp Class post. It is a class for Angel Demostators and guest. It is a class to help better us in making cards using our stamps for any future classes that we might decide to do. I am taking the class just to better myself as a stamper and get to know some of the other Angels in the area. Its only a 5.00 class, which pays for supplies that we use. So if you live in my area and know me personally, I invite you to attend the class with me. Just let me know in advance so I can sign you up for the class.

Ok, so here is my MoJo Monday Card.
The little horse stamp is from Clear Dollar Stamps. I totally love the stamps on this website. Very affordable for most everyone and very, very cute. Ok, so there ya go!!! Hope you are challenged enough now to make your own.

Fun Stamp class

Hidy Ho Blogger Friends, I wanted to share a few things with you that I made at a stamp class I went to last night. This month was a beginners type class, but even though I am not really a beginner, I still learned some really cool techniques. This time I learned that I can take my chalks and my blending pens and color my stamp images. I loved it!!! So easy and I love the idea of using my chalks that I have not used in so long.

We also used another way to color and that was using some kind of wax water base coloring pencils (waiting for email to tell me the name). I will have to get back with you once I know, but they were awesome. We just used our little water brushes and dabbed them onto the wax pencil and then colored our image. Easy Peasy!!! I love Easy Peasy!!!
Here are the cards..... This card is using the Wax water base colors. I also loved using the stamp border on this card. On this card we used some shimmer powder on the clovers. That was very cool, but I have to admit that I did a horrible job on this card. The one she made was much cuter than mine!!! Its all about stamping those images in the right place to create your background. Not one of my best stamp jobs!!! This card we used the chalk with the blending pens. Loved it!!! I cannot wait to get out my chalks now and play. Loved the little cup cake which is a Angel Company stamp set.

Now this next project was our surprise project for the night. This was taught by one of our very, very experienced, sweet, creative, artsy fartsy ladies Sam, which is in our Red Hot Angel stamp group. She is so awesome and a pure joy to be around. When I grow up, I want to be just like her.

This is a Artsy Paper doll and of course I name her Sambo!!! after Sam of course. Apparently they are the rave of all the art world, which is a world away from me. Yes its true, I am cutsy stamper and not a artsy stamper. However, I still had the best time creating my doll. Sam had several she had made for demos and I loved them all. I could just totally see these hanging all around my scrapbook room. The best part about these little dolls is that you just use whatever you have laying around. Scrap papers, stamps, ribbons, beads ect... She had gathered up a lot of this and that and we just dug through and put our dolls together. I used one of her demos that I really loved to make mine. You can add a face or not. I decided to leave my face blank. Is this not the cutest little project ever!!! Something totally out of my box. It really does test your creativity. I used a square coaster, some fancy yarn border, Popsicle sticks, brads, and scrap paper. Just love this little doll. I can totally see my little girl and myself making these and having the best time ever!!!

Well thats it for now. I am going to work on MoJo Monday sketch. You should head over there and challenge yourself to do a card with the sketch. It really is cute this week. Also I will be working on my recipe page for our swap. We are doing Side Dishes. Check back later to see what I come up with. Happy Stamping!!!

Friday, March 06, 2009

A little scrapbook time!!!

Wow, two post in one day. Lucky you!!! I was home alone tonight, and so I got out my scrapbook stuff and made a page. This is a Page Kit contest that I entered at my LSS. I was given 1 sheet of pattern paper, 1/2 sheet of cardstock, ribbon, 2 flowers, a little tiny folder and a paper clip. She said I could add whatever to the page, so I added green cardstock, a vellum sticker, Cricut letters, and corners. I used every piece that was in the page kit. A bit challenging, but I managed to do it. I took the little tiny file folder that I could not figure out how to use, and I punched circles from it and placed them in my eyelets, which are in the middle of my flowers. The rest is pretty visible. It was fun!!! The pictures are of me and my husband, before we were married some 25 years ago. We used these pictures for our engagement announcement in the local paper. So young back then.
Now here is a Digi layout for you So much fun!!!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

MoJo Monday on Friday!!!

Happy Friday!!! Can you believe I am posting and its not Monday?? Its been a tough week. A couple of Chicks got their feathers in a ruffle and even flew the Coop!! My Internet has been on the fritz all week, which is for the second time this month. Oh the drama of it all!!! "As the World Turns" Or is that "As the Stomach Churns" Either way it has not been a fun week!!!

Anywho, I did manage to end the week on a good note. I got creative and all my troubles just felt like they vanished!!!
Remember me posting a few post back about MoJo Monday. I just totally love the sketches that are posted each Monday. This week they are giving out a prize and so I thought I better get busy and join in the fun. Of course it was really hard to get my MoJo going. My head was a clutter. I finally managed to create a few cards (see below). They are not my favorite and probably not winners, but I do love the sketch design of the card and the fact that I was motivated to make a card, and now have not one, but 2 cards. So with that in mind, I am pleased as punch. I cannot wait to see what next weeks sketch brings!!! I used the same paper on both cards, which is by Crate Paper, and is the Katlin Collection called Bubblegum. The little frog on the first card is by The Angel Company, and the stamp used on the second card was from the 1.00 bend at Joann's or Michael's. I just totally love this little stamp. I have not filled in the color in the circles cause of course I have no clue yet where I want this to go. But its so cute!!!
Ok, thats it for now. I have some updates to share on Raggedy Annie, but will have to do that at a later date. Everyone have a Blessed weekend!!!

Monday, March 02, 2009

"Monday Monday"

"Monday Monday, so good to me,Monday Monday, it was all I hoped it would be Oh Monday morning, Monday morning couldn't guaranteeThat Monday evening you would still be here with me. Da, Da.... Da, Da,Da.... Da

Hello Blog Buddies, Well I had a great start last week, but then it kind of went downhill towards the end and I did not get a chance to update, so here I am Monday and starting a new week. I am so grateful to God, that he always gives me new days and weeks to start over. Lets hope I can do better this time.
So for today, I wanted to share with you my newest Recipe page for the recipe swap I am part of. This time it is Casseroles. I found this cute little recipe page idea on SplitCoast. I did not have the same little Chef guy, which I believe is from SU, so I went online and searched for another little Chef guy. I think he is just adorable and seemed to work out great on the recipe page.

The recipe that I chose for my page is called Tuna Alfredo Casserole. YUM!!! YUM!!! This is a excellent recipe and even better the next day. Here is the recipe below

Tuna Alfredo Casserole
2 (7 oz ) pouches of Albacore White Chunk Tuna
1 12 oz. Package of Ronzoni Healthy Harvest extra wide noodles (Fiber)
Bread crumbs
1 cup chopped celery
1 cup carrots, chopped finely or grated
1 stick butter
¼ cup diced onion
Grated Parmesan
½ pint of heavy cream
1 8oz. Cream Cheese
6 oz. of Romano cheese
½ cup of Sour Cream
½ cup of milk mixed well with 2 T. flour
Cook egg noodles till tender. Set aside. Saute celery, carrots, and onion until slightly tender.
In a sauce pan melt ½ stick butter, Cream Cheese, Sour Cream, and Romano Cheese in ½ pint of heavy cream.
Let cheeses melt some and then slowly add in ½ regular milk/flour to mixture.
Heat until sauce thickens and is creamy texture.
In large bowl, stir in tuna, sauted veggie mix, cooked noodles and ½ of cheese mixture.
Mix all ingredients well. Add in more cheese sauce if desired, or store the rest for different recipe.
Place mixture in a large casserole dish. Sprinkle with desired amount of Parmesan cheese and bread crumbs.
Bake for 20 to 25 minutes. Serves 6-8. Serve with salad and garlic bread

My Fiber highlight this week is Avocado.This little fruit of goodness is loaded with 7 to 10 grams of fiber depending on the size. I add it to my salads, fajitas, make guacamole, and sometimes I just spoon it right out of the skin and gobble it down. Its just soooo good and so good for you!!! However you eat it is not the matter. Just that you eat it!!!

Ok, that's it for now. Hopefully I will have more later in the week.