Friday, February 20, 2009

Sketch Challenge

My friend "E" surprised me yesterday with a card challenge using a really cute sketch from MoJo Monday. I decided after seeing how cute the sketch was and all the cards made so far from the sketch, I would take her challenge. She knows how hard it is for me to refuse a good challenge!! The Challenge was to make the card and put it on our blogs by tonight. So here you go "E"
Thank you for giving me this challenge. It gave me a chance to finally use my little SU Crabby stamp set that I got from my sweet friend Shelley. I went with this stamp set because tonight we are all meeting from some crab legs at our favorite restaurant. I thought this was a perfect way to set the mood!!! Really does give me happy thoughts when I know I am going to be hanging with my friends!!!

1 comment:

elizabeth said...

HAHA - I love it! And I love that the set makes you think of all us crazies eating crab legs. Not sure why he is smiling so big if he is headed to the buffet table, but that's ok. ;)

Your coloring is beautiful on him by the way.