Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Valentines Day really was a wonderful day!!! It started out going with my girlfriend to get our hair done and then to lunch!!! I had more highlights put in my hair this time because my husband just loved it so much. I also had my bangs cut. I was getting tired of the shiny forehead look!!!

First picture below is the day before. Kind of looks like a mug shot!!

Bottom picture is after. You really cannot see the highlights so well in the picture, but you sure can tell the difference in my bangs. WOWSA!!! No more shiny forehead!!

Anyway, after we got home from doing our hair and lunch, I met up with my husband and daughter for our Valentines evening. He gave us our Annual Chocolate covered Strawberry's, a couple of scratch offs and a cute little Monkey for my daughter. Then we went to dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant and then to the movies. We saw the movie "New in Town" It was such a wonderful movie. I loved it!!! Then we came home for a little computer and TV time and our Chocolate Covered Strawberry's.
Here is my latest Digi pages of our Valentines. Did I say how much I am loving this Digi scrapbooking. Look I already have the pages done for our Valentines 2009. I may actually stay ahead for this year and have a completed book at the end of the year!!

On these particular pages I played with the overlay technique. That was very fun!!! That's something you cannot do on regular scrapbook pages!!

Still waiting for my ordered pages to arrive from the print shop!!!

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Lovin Hello Kitty said...

okay I am just loving your pages! and your hair looks wonderful! I do love the bangs and this picture of you is beautiful. Now if only I could get some pictures of me and don! maybe tomorrow....