Monday, February 23, 2009

A little Digi Fun!!

Here's a teenie weanie beanie post just to get the week off to a start. My weekend was great as always. I met some friends on Saturday and spent the day scrapbooking. I of course spent the day Digi Scrappin. It was sooooo nice just to take my laptop with me to a crop. My friend Karen came and she helped me figure out a lot of neat things I can do on Elements 7. She is awesome on that program. Here are the layouts that I made and have already ordered.

I love this one of my DD playing in the rain. I totally love the rain drops effect. There are just so many cool things you can do with Elements 7. I also used shadows and bevels to make my pictures look 3-D. Just tooo cool!!!

Now here is a little Fiber food highlight. I totally love Oatmeal. The only problem is I never remember to soak it the night before and sometimes I just do not have time to cook it. So this instant oatmeal is the way to go when that happens.

If you will turn your head sideways, you will be able to see that 1 little package of this instant oatmeal has 10 grams of fiber. The best part of that is that 8 of that is soluble fiber. Way cool!!! It is very filling. I know in the past I could eat a package of instant oatmeal and not even fill full. With this oatmeal, you are full with just one package. Give it a try for some extra fiber. It taste wonderful!!!

Ok, thats all for now. I will post later in the week. Hopefully I will have something interesting to share!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Sketch Challenge

My friend "E" surprised me yesterday with a card challenge using a really cute sketch from MoJo Monday. I decided after seeing how cute the sketch was and all the cards made so far from the sketch, I would take her challenge. She knows how hard it is for me to refuse a good challenge!! The Challenge was to make the card and put it on our blogs by tonight. So here you go "E"
Thank you for giving me this challenge. It gave me a chance to finally use my little SU Crabby stamp set that I got from my sweet friend Shelley. I went with this stamp set because tonight we are all meeting from some crab legs at our favorite restaurant. I thought this was a perfect way to set the mood!!! Really does give me happy thoughts when I know I am going to be hanging with my friends!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Snow Cones Rock page 2

Ok, here is the second page of Snowcones Rock, which is in the the previous post below! You will find the creaters of these papers and embellishments in that post!! Fun! Fun! stuff!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Valentines Day really was a wonderful day!!! It started out going with my girlfriend to get our hair done and then to lunch!!! I had more highlights put in my hair this time because my husband just loved it so much. I also had my bangs cut. I was getting tired of the shiny forehead look!!!

First picture below is the day before. Kind of looks like a mug shot!!

Bottom picture is after. You really cannot see the highlights so well in the picture, but you sure can tell the difference in my bangs. WOWSA!!! No more shiny forehead!!

Anyway, after we got home from doing our hair and lunch, I met up with my husband and daughter for our Valentines evening. He gave us our Annual Chocolate covered Strawberry's, a couple of scratch offs and a cute little Monkey for my daughter. Then we went to dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant and then to the movies. We saw the movie "New in Town" It was such a wonderful movie. I loved it!!! Then we came home for a little computer and TV time and our Chocolate Covered Strawberry's.
Here is my latest Digi pages of our Valentines. Did I say how much I am loving this Digi scrapbooking. Look I already have the pages done for our Valentines 2009. I may actually stay ahead for this year and have a completed book at the end of the year!!

On these particular pages I played with the overlay technique. That was very fun!!! That's something you cannot do on regular scrapbook pages!!

Still waiting for my ordered pages to arrive from the print shop!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Digital Scrapbooking and other Muse!!!

Ok, the blog police are out and have told me that I have been a bad blogger this week, so I thought I better post something before I get a blog ticket!!!

I have so much to talk about that I do not know where to start. Hmmmm............

Ok, I guess what I will talk about first is what has been taking up so much of my time this week, and why I have not blogged. I have been playing around with Digital Scrapbooking. In a conversation with a friend last weekend, we talked about digital scrapbooking and hybrid scrapbooking. How easy it would be to go to a crop with just our laptops. The conversation really did get us so excited. So much so, that when we came home, we both started the wheel, yes one wheel cause in this day in age, we barely can get one wheel rolling. My friend who was thinking of buying the program Adobe Photoshop Elements 7, committed to the purchase. For me, I started reading about digital scrapbooking, differences in hybrid, and decided what the heck, it really did sound fun. So I spent all week downloading freebies from the Internet. What a blast that was. I downloaded so much that I had to go and buy a external hard drive before I crashed my laptop. It worked out great since it was my birthday "Oh yea, Happy Birthday to me and Abraham Lincoln. Yep we both turned another year older. Of course I really do not think he minds getting older. Me on the other hand, uggggg!!!" Ok, so back to digital scrapbooking, straying from conversation is something you do more when you get older. You loose your thought process. Oh yea, digital scrapbooking... where was I...ok, so I got me a new external hard drive and I went to town. I found so many wonderful sites with some awesome papers and embellies. After I gathered up some digi goodies, I decided to make a few pages. I first downloaded this free program from It really is a great program for the beginner.
Here are a few simple 8x8 layouts that I made playing around with the program. I liked these so much, that I decided to order them from the It really was very inexpensive to order the pages. I think like 2.00 a page is what it averaged out to be when including the shipping. I am now waiting to get them in the mail to see how I like them printed. I really do think I am going to love them. Anyway, last night I downloaded the trial version of the Adobe Photo Shop Elements 7. I wanted to see if it was as good as everyone had been saying on all the digi blogs. Well I am here to join them in giving this program 2 thumbs up. Heck I would say if I had 10 thumbs, I would give it 10 thumbs up. It made digital scrapbooking so much fun. I was doing all sorts of things on my page. This is what I ended up with after all my playing around This little Digi paper and embellies I used on this little page was free from Mel's Lightbulb Moments and A Work in Progress Both blogs worked together to create this wonderful little set and then offered it totally free. I spent hours on these sites downloading some really awesome sets. Love it!!! Tonight I plan to make a second page to go with this page. I really am trying not to get too excited about this, but I think its too late!!! I really do not ever plan to sell all my tools and go all the way to digital scrapbooking, cause you know I love to cut and glue and I totally love my Cricut, but I do see lots of digital and hybrid scrapbooking in my future. LOTS!!!

Ok, how has everyone been doing on their Fiber 35. I am feeling soooooo much better since I started eating more of my fiber again. What I would like to spotlight this week is

Some people describe eating this, like eating sandpaper, but really its not all that bad. Especially the Bran Buds. They taste very yummy. Kind of nutty I guess. You only have to eat a 1/3 cup in order to reap the benefits. I just add it to my favorite cereal and I cannot even tell its there really. Its so worth it, because as you can see below, you get 13 grams of fiber and 3 of that is soluble. Totally awesome!!!! I say if you are trying to reach your 35 grams of fiber a day, you should definitely eat this cereal.

I told you I would explain soluble and insoluble fiber to you, so here it is in my terms

Soluble sticks to you and insoluble doesn't. Meaning that Soluble is absorbed into the body and goes to work on cholesterol, sugar metabolism, high blood pressure issues ect... the list goes on....

Insoluble goes into the intestine and scraps it clean and guarantees the best bowl movement ever. I really did clean that up a lot.... So you can see how important it is to get both soluble and insoluble fiber into your eating plan.

Now to share a wonderful meal that my family enjoys. In our house we call this

Frito Salad
Ingredients are

Extra lean ground beef or turkey (cooked, drained, and cooled)
Spring mix salad
1 can of black beans drained and rinsed
purple onion
Monterrey Jack cheese or any favorite cheese. Sometimes I even do Feta!!
Catalina Light Dressing
Toss together the salad, tomato's, onion and cheese. Serve into individual bowls and add 1/2 cup of drained/rinsed black beans and 1/2 avocado sliced into cubes. Then toss with rest of ingredients. Add in Frito's and Catalina and toss again. Enjoy!!!

This meal has approx 13 fibers. You get about 7 from the beans, 2 from the veggies, 3 from 1/2 avocado and 1 from the Frito's. I buy the Kroger brand Black beans cause they have the most fibers I have found. Search the shelf and get the one with the most fiber.


Last weekend I went to the "Affairs of the Heart" craft show in OKC. It was so much fun. I have never seen so many crafts in one place. Everything you can think of. I went with one of my B.F.F's and her Mother. We had such a awesome time. We walked our legs off I tell you. I was sore for 3 days. I did not make any big purchases, but I did find a few treasures. These are a couple of my favorites The best part about our trip together, was spending time with my friends mother and all the food we ate. Yes we decided to put our Fiber diets to the side for the weekend and relax and enjoy ourselves. Her mother made us the best strawberry cake this side OKC and maybe even on the other side as well. I just cannot imagine anyone making one better. It just so happen to be the weekend before my birthday and when I was a kid, my favorite birthday cake was strawberry. So I declared this, my Birthday Cake!!! Defiantly a Blue Ribbon winner!!!She also made us yummy muffins for breakfast shaped in hearts, eggs, bacon and then pancakes, sausage for breakfast the second morning.We stopped at the new cupcake place in town and bought ourselves some yummy cupcakes, we had chicken fried steak, mashed potato's and green beans for dinner from the local diner. We had the best glass of lemonade that I have tasted in a long time. And if that was not enough, we stopped at a German bakery on the way home and bought ourselves some yummy Colaches. My friend and I would both agree that we really do know how to blow a diet, and if we did very much traveling together, we would have to get Wide Load Flags on either side of the truck and escorts. LOL!!! What a fun time we had. Worth every calorie!!!

Now last, but not least, I want to give you a update on Raggedy Annie. She is coming right along. My husband has replaced the rotted wood in the front and put in new paneling and put the skin back in place. He has built new cabinet doors for the kitchen section. He has ordered new glass for the window and purchased putty tape to seal all the seams. He will begin construction to the back next. Here are some pictures of what he has done so far
Look at that new paneling. No more rot!!! YIPPY!!!!
And the skin is back on and window glass is on order. Next!!!! I am so excited!!!
Thats all for now!!!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Valentine cards!!!

Ok, here I am again. I was not going to post again till Monday, but I could not wait to share these beautiful cards that I made at a Angel stamp class last night. What a treat!!! I really did need a Valentines card for my hubby, and now I have 3, plus a cute little box. These cards and boxes were made using the stamps. Also punches, Spellbinder dies, glitter, Cuttlebug embossing folders, and ribbon. OOOOH! LA! LA! Love is in the air!!!

This cute little box was so much fun to make. Mostly paper folding and using coasters for the cover. Not sure about the paper, but it was adorable. Very fun box to make. If I can figure out how to do it again, I will post some directions.

Ok, a real quick post on Fiber. If you are looking for a yummy dinner meal that will give you lots of fiber about 14 grams, than look no further than 15 Bean Soup with extra black beans. Go to your nearest grocery store and look on the dry bean isle. You will find both packages of 15 Bean Soup and black beans there. Take them home and rinse and soak over night together. Then put them in your crock pot along with some bacon, onion, a little salt, and the package of soup mix that comes with the beans. Put a lid on it and let it cook while you are away at work. I added some cornbread to the meal. I buy my own cornmeal to make my cornbread, because the pre- packaged kind has hydrogenated oils. There is usually a very good recipe on the package to follow in case you have not made it from scratch. What I did to give it fiber was added 2 scoops of the Clear Fiber and I added some flax seeds. It looked sorta like it had bo-weavels in it, but I knew it did not. It was very, very good and I was able to put some fiber into my non fiber cornbread. My family totally enjoyed the meal and we were able to finish out the day with our fiber needs.

SO there you go!!! Hope everyone has a great weekend and eat lots of FIBER!!!!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Fiber 35

Ok, first let me start this post by saying that I am no where near a nutritional expert. I have no degree in nutritional health. If I were, then I would defiantly have no weight problems. Everything that I know about nutrition are things that I find on the Internet or read in magazines or what my mother has taught me. I cannot walk by a magazine rack without stopping to read the latest diet craze or tip. I guess you could say I am sort of a diet/nutritional hobbyist. I love reading about this kind of stuff and always looking for that perfect diet. You know, the one that lets you eat all the foods you want and still loose weight. Well sad to say, I do not think there is such a diet. I know, its just not fair!!!(stomping my foot) We should be able to eat our cake and ice cream too!! Perhaps as children we could with little regret, but now that I have become a middle aged women, uggggg!!! I cannot eat those kinds of foods without some sort of consequence. Which brings me to the reason of this post. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. I want to feel good. So I am trying very hard to get back on track to a good eating plan. I have done this plenty of times before and always, always feel better when I am eating better. Then the holidays come and I get off track and it takes not feeling good again to get me going. One of the ways I find helpful for me to stay on track and focused is to share my knowledge. I know I wear my friends ears out talking to them about this stuff, so the other day I had a light bulb moment. I will blog my thoughts about food and nutrition. That way if they want to read it, they can. If not, then ok!!!

Ok, to start I want to tell you about Fiber 35. I am almost positive I have blogged about this before, but just in case I have not, I will talk about it again. I am a total fiber nut. I love fiber type foods. I have done so much reading on the importance of fiber. The best book I have come across to date on the importance of fiber, is the Fiber 35 book. There is a website Brenda Watson is the author of this book and she shares with you so many important reasons why we need fiber. I highly recommend this book. I have read it front to back at least 3 times and whenever I fall off of my good eating wagon, I always pick it back up and read again. I always read something new when I do. I have not really lost weight with the Fiber 35 diet, but I have managed not to gain either. The reason I have not lost weight, is that I have really never followed the diet. Yes, I eat all the good fibers she suggest, but I have not stopped eating all the bad foods either. So until I make a commitment to stop eating badly, I probably will not drop any weight. However, as long as I keep eating the fibers, I do not gain weight. That tells me that the diet works. It flushes away the fats that I eat. So if I just eat less fat and more fiber, I will probably loose weight. Easily said, not sure how easy it is to do. I think though I am at the point in my life where I am willing to try. On her website you can also join and become a Fiber 35 member for free. By doing so, you will have access to recipes, food log, tips and you can even sign up to follow her diet. She also sells some really great products that help you get the 35 grams of fiber you need. Really we have tried so many other things and for me failed. Why not try this. It really is the only diet to me that makes total sense. Here are some of the products that I bought from her so far. I found them at my local health food store.

I have only used this fiber for a few days, so I really cannot say yet what I think about it as far as the benefits. However, I can say that I love that it is clear, has no taste and has no texture. You put it in your drink and you have no idea its there. I even put it on my daughters ravioli and she had no clue. She ate 5 grams of fiber without even knowing it. Its a soluble fiber, which means it goes in the body and stays. I will talk more about soluble and insoluble fiber in my future post.

I also purchased her Fit Smart Shake. This product is expensive. Like 40.00 expensive. I was a little skeptical at first, cause you know there are tons of shake mixes out there. However, I decided to go for it and spend the money. I really do like the taste. I got the strawberry flavor. It has 20 grams of protein and 10 grams of fiber. No where have I looked, could I find that much fiber in a shake. Also the best part, there are digestive enzymes which are suppose to help with your digestive system. On her diet you do not have to drink the shakes every day. So no worry of getting sick of them and it does make it more affordable, cause it will last longer. If you are not able to afford the shake, at least get the clear fiber. You can add it to any of your own protein shake to help you reach your goal of 35 fibers.

Well that's it for now. Check back later, because I plan to share lots of stuff on fiber in my future post.