Monday, January 19, 2009

Over the Weekend

My DH got started on the renovation of Raggedy Ann (aka Travel Trailer) He said there was defiantly more water damage than he had expected, but not so much that he could not repair without taking it completely apart. Here are pictures of what he is doing The rotted wood that he removed. As he removed the skin from the back, he found a nest of yellow jackets that had hibernated in between the skin and the trailer wall. He said they just fell out on to the ground kicking and squirming. ICK!!! Here he is painting the bumper. Not sure why he is doing this at this early of the renovations stage. Maybe he just did not know what else at this point to do. LOL!!! So we have a nice bumper now. Yippy!!! This is a picture of the inside lower paneling. Lots of damage. He will have to put in a new sheet of paneling.
Can't remember why I took these next two pictures. I think to show the damage of the floor which you cannot see to much. Oh well....
At least he has started and we are a step closer to taking it out. I told him today I probably should have named it the Ugly Duckling, because the outside with all of its blemishes will be ugly, but the inside will be a beautiful Swan.

So onward to more stuff. We had our first SU Monthly Scrapbook Class this past Friday night and it was a blast. We all just felt so at home with our new friend/SU Demostator Tonya. You can go see the wonderful scrapbook pages that she helped us to create. What a talented lady she is. I cannot wait to see what she plans for next month.

Saturday the Sistah's had their 2nd Monthly "All Day Crop" What a great time we had together. I actually got some stuff done this time which is very surprising considering the fact that I was up and down all day. I made 7 very easy peasy layouts of my Sons school pictures. Now mind you he is 21 now, and so that will give you a idea of how behind I am on my scrapbooking. Also these are do-overs. I had made them into 8 1/2 x 11 way back in the day before 12x12 and when 12x12 came along I told myself "Self, you are going to redo these one day, cause you really do love 12x12." Well self was right. I did redo them, and I do love them more now!!!

Again these layouts are very simple, very flat, and used mostly stickers for my embellishments. I am trying very hard to use the 3 containers of stickers I have acquired over the years and trying even harder to keep my pages easy and simple so that I can get some stuff completed!!!

Sunday my husband and I spent the entire afternoon and evening with our wonderful friends Debbie and Ken. We ate lunch at a place we had never eaten, we shopped at a store we have never shopped, and we went to our favorite sporting goods store Cabala's. We then did some shopping at Walmart, had dinner at Subway, and then back home to finish the evening playing domino's. I do love spending time with this couple. We have such great fun with them.

THE END!!!!!!

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