Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy New Year!!!!

Ok, I know its a little bit after the fact, but I have not gotten to say it to all my blog friends yet, so HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

So what have I been doing this year so far!!!

1. I went on a fun weekend retreat with some of my SistahChicks
2. I made a couple of new Raggedies
3. I started a new Rag quilt
4. I got a new little vintage travel trailer for a early birthday gift from my DH.
5. I went to stamp convention
6. I cropped with friends at my local scrapbook store
7. I went to see the movie "Marly and Me" (Excellant, most excellant movie)

Below are pictures of some of the stuff listed above!!

We had a blast at retreat. We made scrapbook pages, quilts, Raggedies, Cards, and did some sewing. Each of us had our own little project going and it was so cool to see all the different things everyone was creating. This was the sweetest part of the whole retreat. I finally got to eat one of my friends famous cupcakes. All I can say is Yum,Yum,Yum!!! I think out of the 3 times we have gone together, this was the best by far!!! I cannot wait for the next one.

These are my Raggedies that I made. I combined several patterns I had to make the body. The clothes I made myself. I also gave them to my friend for her Birthday. I know she will love them as much as I do!!! Below is pictures of my New/Old Vintage travel trailer. There is a story behind why I had to have one of these. I was one day watching the travel channel and saw a episode about I went to the website and instantly fell in love with the little decorated Vintage Trailers you see on this website. I knew right away I had to own one. I thought to myself that this would be so much fun if all my Sistah's got one of these little trailers and we took scrapbook trips like these ladies on this website. Just sounds like so much fun. Anyway, I am not sure that part will ever happen, but I have me a Vintage Trailer and I plan to have my DH totally remodel this little sweetie and make it my very own special Scrapbook Travel Trailer. I will be ready just in case that day comes. Anyone want to take a trip with me?

Here are the before pictures. I am sure it will take us a while to get it exactly like I want, but when we do, you can bet I will be posting the after pictures. Oh and this little trailer only cost $150.00 total. Is that not AWESOME!!! Look how cute!!!
Approximately 6x12. Perfect size for me to pull myself. It will sleep 3 adults comfortably.

My little kitchen area
Closet for either storage or portable potty!!!
Cabinet over kitchen area
another view of kitchen which shows drawers and pull out cutting board
Full bed folds down above the couch below!
Bed folded up
Couch which makes into bed. Storage underneath!
Table which makes into bed. Storage under one bench! A very happy DH to discover it want be as much work as he expected!!!
Did I mention she already has a name "Raggedy Annie"
This is what I did at our Friday night LSS crop. Its a Birthday Calender book from a class I took at least 2 years ago if not more. I started it then with the front and back. I finally finished the inside of the book. Very cute project. Just sorry it took so long to complete.
January to April and then the pages below
then May to August and then pages below
Then September to December
This is one of many unfinished projects that I plan to complete this year. My goal is to get all of these class projects completed from the past years. That is one of many goals I have for myself for 2009. HMMMMM!!!!

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Lovin Hello Kitty said...

Great trailer! can't wait to see the progress from old to Raggedie! It really doesn't look that bad inside just cosmetic cleanup and we know how talented you and your hubby are so it will be looking brand new really soon!