Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Photo Light Box

Ok, so I got a little creative today. Its a big change, considering that the last few days all I did was sit in my recliner, and blog for inspiration. In this post, I want to show you my box I made, so that I could take better pictures of my projects for my blog. I did not have a pattern for this box, but just an idea in my head that came together bit by bit. I still need to decorate the outside, but I will show it to you before I do that, so you can see how I made it.
Ok, first you need 5 sheets of 12x12 chipboard. I save all the backs of my paper packs for these kinds of needs. You also need 5 sheets of 12x12 white cardstock.
You then glue your 5 sheets of cardstock to your 5 sheets of chipboard.
Then you cut about 32 1x2 pieces of chipboard. These will be your connectors.
I folded each piece in half. Then I put adhesive on each side.
I then started out connecting each of my 12x12 pieces. I put 4 connectors down each side.
Once I got all the pieces connected. I cut about 12 strips of paper 2x12. I folded the paper in half and then put adhesive all the way down both sides
I placed each strip of paper over the connectors. This was to help seal the cracks and make the box more sturdy.
Then I had my DH put masking tape on all sides for extra sturdiness. Now all I need to do is maybe spray paint the inside seams so that everything is white. I will also put a pretty cover on each side to cover my masking tape. I think I will do all that tomorrow. I will post pictures of my completed box, along with my new card I created today. I cannot wait to see how well my box works.

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elizabeth said...

VERY awesome indeed!